‘Nobody Is Listening’ is what Everyone is Now Listening To: Zayn Malik’s Latest Release

'Nobody Is Listening' is what Everyone is Now Listening To: Zayn Malik's Latest Release

Nobody Is Listening: It’s finally here! After teasing fans for months, Zayn Malik unveiled his third studio album, Nobody Is Listening, on Friday (Jan. 15). There are quite a lot of different reactions and feedback for the artist, but it’s safe to say that most of them include words of approval. Here’s a little rundown on what the overall vibe is.

‘Nobody is Listening’ is about an eventful six months for Malik, 28

The album comes almost three years after his 29-track 2018 album Icarus Falls, and features previously-released singles “Vibez” and “Better.” The latter peaked at No. 89 on the Billboard Hot 100 on Oct. 9, 2020. So there was a certain pressure built up for ‘ Nobody is listening ‘ to work, since the previous one was a critical hit but not so much of commercial success.

The first four words Zayn Malik sings on his third studio solo album, ‘ Nobody Is Listening ’, are: “Nostalgia / What a funny feeling”. This sets the tone for an album drenched in yearning, in contemplative meditation, conveying a desire to slow down and focus.

There is a sort of tenderness throughout the album, much of which was expected from his ‘most personal project ever’. Zayn Malik filled the album with love ballads and soft tracks, without a sense of commercial savvy you might anticipate from a former One Direction star. It’s a surprise to hear just how stripped-back the entire album is: gone are the songs catered for concert halls and massive audiences. Rather, the 11-track album is meant for intimacy and warmth.

Opener ‘Calamity’ revolves around his baby daughter and long-term relationship with model Gigi Hadid, as he looks back on the last 10 years of his life. Over soft and tender piano chords, in a dreamy spoken word vocal, he raps, “Nostalgia / What a funny feeling / I feel depleted from feelings I’ve been revealing… I say it for my sanity / Whatever the calamity / I did this for myself.” It’s possibly the most honest Zayn has been on record, especially in terms of the spotlight that’s been on him for a decade.

Nobody Is Listening includes the previously released singles Better and Vibez

‘Better’, the first single from the album, exudes a soft drum beat and handclaps,  but Zayn’s voice is gratingly high-pitched in parts – a strange oversight for such a tight album.

‘Vibez’ raises the pulse slightly, potentially slotting into playlists for the bedroom, and ‘When Love’s Around’ boasts the first feature of the album. The song twirls around a rhythmic, percussive-heavy beat embedded deeply in the groove of the track. Zayn’s flows here seem effortless. The rest of the songs had some similar tones and vibes, with little surprises.

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On ‘Nobody Is Listening’, Zayn doesn’t add many new colors to his palette – which is fine. The best thing about ‘Nobody Is Listening’ is that it doesn’t see him succumb to grandiosity – rather, he prioritizes quiet reflection over spectacle. The album is intimate and sweetly playful enough and with minimal production throughout, Zayn allows his voice and heart hitting lyrics to soar.

But the running themes, much like his other works, are mostly concerned about love, sex, inner tumult, and the daily struggle of being a handsome, wealthy 28-year-old. It’s obvious that there was an attempt to get a really deep album with several mournful undertones and all but some of it was lost.

On listening to Zayn’s latest album, fans could not keep calm and went all out to trend the #nobodyislistening, #zaynmalik on Twitter. The fandom side of Twitter was all buzz and excitement (and quite a lot of crying) with the release of the new album. Many of them wrote long heartfelt messages for Zayn Malik, in the hopes of showing him how much they appreciate his music.

The album has gotten more than 30 #1s since its release this morning and is predicted to go even higher in popularity and charts.

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