NOW WE ARE BREAKING UP: Episode 5 Review, Jang Ki Yong Gets Even Bolder In His Pursuit Of Song Hye Kyo

now we are breaking up new episode recap

Song Hye Kyo and Jang Ki Yong’s new ongoing drama “Now we are breaking up” saw a rise in viewership in this week’s episodes. Exo’s Sehun made his appearance as Song Hye Kyo’s new employee. Here’s a recap of the latest episode, with Jang Ki Yong being bolder with his pursuit of Song Hye Kyo.


“Now We Are Breaking Up” is a romantic drama about love and separation set behind the scenes of the fashion industry. Song Hye Kyo plays a major role as Ha Young Eun, a strong professional fashion designer, while Jang Ki Yong plays the role of Yoon Jae Guk, a brilliant solo artist who changes his mind about love.

In previous episodes, Ha Young Eun (Song Hye Kyo) and Yoon Jae Guk (Jang Ki Yong) interacted one night, unaware that they had a mysterious past thread that unites them. Yoon Jae Guk is impressed by Ha Young Eun who treats her as a ‘passing story’. Two contrasting ways and the presence of Yoon Jae Guk’s time get him out of a tricky situation, impressed by his past, confronting him with ‘Yoon Soo Wan and a cold Ha Young Eun just to mention his name.


In the previous episode of the drama, Yoon Jae Guk moved Ha Young Eun to tears with his heartfelt and unusual confession. He told her that if she really felt that it would not be right between them, he would accept that, and they could go their separate ways. “Let’s say we, who started 10 years ago, are in the process of splitting up,” he said. “I do not know how long it will take, but at least we are in the process of breaking up.”

In the recently released songs in the next episode of the drama, Yoon Jae Guk seeks Ha Young Eun while feasting with Seok Do Hoon (played by Kim Joo Heon). As soon as he glances at Ha Young Eun, Yoon Jae Guk can’t hold a happy smile, expressing how upset he is with her. At that moment, Ha Young Eun gets cold when he sees Yoon Jae Guk in a crowded restaurant, raising the question of how he will react to her arrival.

NOW WE ARE BREAKING UP: What Will Happen In The Next Episodes?

The producers of “Now We Are Breaking Up” talked about what will happen in the next episodes, “In episode 6, Yoon Jae Guk will go even further in expressing his feelings about Ha Young Eun. At the same time, Ha Young Eun will also gradually become more honest about how she feels. With their detailed and chemical imitation, Song Hye Kyo and Jang Ki Yong masterfully captured the emotions of Ha Young Eun and Yoon Jae Guk. We hope you will see if these people will be able to cope.”

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