OMG😍 Wendy looks ethereal in new teaser photos of ‘Like Water’, trending worldwide, confirms the release of solo debut album

wendy teases comeback

Red Velvet’s Wendy took to her Instagram to share the first teaser of her solo debut album to release on April 5. Read on to find out.

A few weeks after SM Entertainment, the agency behind K-pop girl group Red Velvet, announced that member Wendy is going solo next month with a debut album, they have revealed further important details for fans today (March 23).

SM Entertainment has shared new teasers, the official title for Wendy’s album ‘Like Water’ and the exact date of its release. So, without further ado, here’s all you need to know about ‘Like Water’ below. EXO’s Baekhyun has been teasing us with some interesting teaser images and videos of his forthcoming album, Bambi, due to release on March 30, we have another big comeback soon. Red Velvet’s Wendy is coming back.

Wendy took to her Instagram to share the first teaser image of her forthcoming solo debut album, Like Water. The concept photo’s caption reads, ‘Wendy. Like Water’. Wendy’s solo debut album will contain five tracks. The pre-order of the upcoming release is now available. Fans are excited with the news and took to Twitter to trend, ‘Wendy’ on worldwide search trends.

Air date and time

Wendy is officially stepping into the realm of solo music with her own album on April 5 at 6:00 pm KST. US fans will have to set their alarms early for 5:00 am EST.


According to a recent Twitter post by SM Entertainment, ‘Like Water’ is not a studio full-length album but a mini-album. In other words, an extended play (EP). The record will feature five songs and captures “a genuine message and warm sentiment.”

For Red Velvet fans, a Wendy album comes highly awaited as it will come seven years after she began her career in music. Additionally, the lead vocalist of the group, Wendy is the first member set to drop a large solo project. 

WENDY is set to come back after taking a long hiatus due to injury. The pop group’s managing company SM announced that the singer has recovered from the injuries she incurred

due to a stage accident. Her return to social media after so long has sent fans into a joyous frenzy. Last year, Wendy was rehearsing for her solo performance for the 2019 SBS Gayo Daejeon in December when she fell from the platform and hurt herself. She fell from a height of more than two meters, resulting in a “fractured pelvis and injuries to her face and wrist. After months of recovering, she took to Instagram to surprise fans.

She wrote a heartfelt message on her birthday, not only thanking her fans but also to share an update about her recovery.


Hello, it’s Red Velvet’s Wendy. It’s been a while, right? Were you surprised?

I think I’m posting for the first time in two months. Thank you so much for celebrating my birthday today on February 21. And thanks to your concern and love, I’m recovering well and getting better. I feel like I shocked you and made you worry, I’m sorry. February is already coming to an end. Time feels like it’s going slowly but fast at the same time.

Our ReVeluv, as I said in my Instagram live, I’m not going anywhere and I’m going to be right here. Because I’m going to sing all my life. So I will recover quickly so I can meet you on stage in good health as soon as I can! Till then, spend every day in happiness!

I’m always so grateful and I love you, our ReVeluv. I miss you so much.”

Wendy shared a message of thankfulness to her fans and Red Velvet bandmates on the group’s social media, promising hard work and dedication for her solo efforts. “As this precious work will be my first solo album, I will do my best to share good music with you,” she said. “I thank everyone who has supported me to get me this far… I still have a lot to learn, especially without the other members, but I am going to work harder.”


SM Entertainment’s popular girl group Red Velvet made their comeback in December 2019 with their hit BOP “Psycho”. The song received immediate love and appraisal from fans for its mesmerizingly perfect vocals, gothic concept and stunning visuals. “Psycho” was the title track from Red Velvet’s album “The ReVe Festival: Finale,” which was the third and final part of their “The ReVe Festival” album series.

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