OMG! Cruella Trailer is Finally Out: Check out Emma Stone stars as legendary villain ‘Cruella de Vil’

OMG! Cruella Trailer is Finally Out: Check out Emma Stone stars as legendary villain 'Cruella de Vil'
The much-awaited trailer of Disney’s new movie, Cruella starring Emma Stone, has finally been released, and it’s fair to say that we are all absolutely thrilled.

The 32-year old Academy Award winner Emma Stone, looks absolutely gorgeous and fashionable in her role as the legendary villain Cruella de Vil (why can’t all villains look like Emma Stone looks in Cruella). Just the 1:30 minute trailer is enough to give us the chills from Emma’s acting as Cruella de Vil, and we can’t wait to watch the entire movie.

What does the trailer show?

The trailer gives us a look into the dark and twisted world of the villain, Cruella. Much like Maleficent, Cruella will also be focusing on the origin story of one of the most legendary villains that we have all grown up watching. The film is set in 1970s London when Stone’s Estella is trying to create a position for herself in the world of fashion. When Emma Thompson’s Baroness von Hellman spots her flaming attire, the story is set in motion.

“The thing is, I was born brilliant. Born bad — and a little bit mad,” Stone says in the trailer. “I’m a woman, hear me roar.”

The character of Cruella was previously played by Glenn Close in the 1996 film 101 Dalmatians. The film was a massive hit and even got a sequel titled 102 Dalmatians. Close is one of the executive producers on this film too. Though we spot the Dalmatians in this trailer as well, the story’s main focus is going to be on Cruella.

When will Cruella be released?

Cruella has been directed by Craig Gillespie, who also directed I, Tonya. Along with Emma Stone, Emma Thompson, Joel Fry, Paul Walter Hauser, Mark Strong, and Emily Beecham, will also be starring in the movie.

The film is set to release on May 28.

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