OMG! Is Emma Watson getting married? Emma Watson breaks silence over engagement rumors, says ‘If I have news – I promise I’ll share it with you’

Emma Watson

Emma Watson breaks silence over engagement rumours: Emma Watson has come forward on Tuesday to address rumours about her engagement and career. Emma took to her official Twitter handle to assure her fans that whenever there’s a big life update, she promises she will share it.

Is Emma Watson getting married?

Emma Watson told fans, “If I have news – I promise I’ll share it with you.”

In a series of tweets, Emma wrote,

“Dear Fans, Rumours about whether I’m engaged or not, or whether my career is ‘dormant or not’ are ways to create clicks each time they are revealed to be true or untrue.” She added, “If I have news – I promise I’ll share it with you.”

Check out the tweets below:

Emma also tweeted an update on how she’s been spending her time amidst the pandemic. She tweeted, “In the mean time please assume no news from me just means I’m quietly spending the pandemic the way most people are – failing to make sourdough bread (!), caring for my loved ones and doing my best not to spread a virus that is still affecting so many people.” 

Emma also thanked all those working tirelessly on the frontline. “I am sending so much love to you, hoping you’re ok and as well and happy as you can be in these strange times. And again, thank you to everyone working so hard to keep us safe and well. E Xx.” 

Emma Watson: Career

Talking about her professional career, Emma rose to stardom after landing her first professional acting role as Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter film series. The actress then went on to act in many other films like Colonia, Noah, Beauty and The Beast The Circle and Little Women. Apart from acting, she is known for her women’s rights work. Emma Watson has been ranked among the world’s highest-paid actresses by Forbes and Vanity Fair, and was named one of the 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine in 2015.

Emma Watson (Harry Potter) still in a relationship with Leo Robinton? We  have the answer - News24viral
Emma Watson

Emma Watson and Leo Robinton: A timeline of their relationship

February 2021: Emma Watson begins trending on Twitter that she has “given up acting” and is taking time out of her career to spend time with her boyfriend of 18 months, Leo Robinton. The report also alludes to rumours that Emma and Leo are engaged. However, her manager has since clarified that rumours about her career aren’t true. Speaking out in a statementJason Weinberg explained, “Emma’s social media accounts are dormant but her career isn’t.”

Emma’s publicist didn’t say anything about Emma and Leo however, and did not deny the rumours of an engagement.

October 2019: Rumours about the relationship began in October 2019 when the Mail Online published pictures of Emma kissing a “mystery man” while out for lunch in London. It was the first time that the couple were spotted together and people still have no idea who the man was.

In November the issue of Vogue was published in which she described herself as single. Since the interview would likely have been conducted three months before it was published we can assume that Emma and Leo got together sometime between August and November 2019.

Emma Watson's new boyfriend of six months revealed as hunky L.A.  businessman Leo Robinton
Emma Watson and Leo Robinton

April 2020: Six months after the pictures were first published the “mystery man” was revealed to be 32-year-old Leo Robinton. The Sun reported that Robinton is a Los Angeles-based businessman who worked at a legal cannabis company before leaving that role in June 2019.

Robinton reportedly deleted all of his social media accounts after the images of him and Emma kissing were published, however fans quickly dug up a picture of Leo with his sister Daisy at the Washinton D.C. Women’s March in 2017.This content is imported from Twitter. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

Later that month a source spoke to the Mail Online about the relationship, saying that it had got serious between the pair.

“Emma introduced Leo to her parents, she was really serious about him. They went for a meal together back in December at The Ivy restaurant in St John’s Wood not long after Emma and Leo first met.”

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