Paris Hilton spoke about her relationship with Kim Kardashian in an interview, called her ‘Boss Babe’. Check it out here!

Paris Hilton talked about her relationship with Kim Kardashian in an interview

Paris Hilton spoke about her relationship with Kim Kardashian in an interview with Just for Variety. Kim Kardashian is often heard expressing her gratitude and giving credits to Paris Hilton for giving her a career.

Upon asked about her relationship with Kim,

I’m so proud of her. I’ve known her since we were little girls and what and her entire family have done is ‘phenomenal’.” She further said, “They’re such powerful boss babes and it’s amazing. I feel really proud to see all my friends succeed in life

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Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton relationship

Paris Hilton, who had an interview with Just for Variety, after her documentary, ‘This is Paris’ got to be screened at Tribeca Film Festival. In an interview, Hilton talked about how she feels about Kim Kardashian and her giving credits to Hilton for her success.

We all are aware of the fact that the two stars, Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton, were known to be best friends. However, over the years, the two have drifted apart. Kim rose to prominence in her 20s when she was Hilton’s stylist and a close friend to her. Kim Kardashian has often spoken about how she and Paris Hilton used to go everywhere and anywhere. Kim also shared how Paris Hilton was monumental in her rise to prominence. She gives credit to Hilton and her advice’s, experiences and other things.

She also mentioned how great of a ‘mentor’ Paris Hilton is and gives her credit in her journey towards ‘becoming successful‘. Now we learn that Paris is also proud go her friend Kim as a successful woman, even calling her and her family powerful boss babes.

Later in the interview, Prince Hilton was asked about Kim Kardashian want to go to a law school and how she reacted to it. She said, “yeah we were talking about it we were over at my house like two months ago and i was asking about it because I can’t imagine just how hard that would be to study for all that

She further said, “the bar it’s just like it’s unreal. That woman can do anything it’s really really amazing

Watch the full interview of Paris Hilton with Just for Variety here:

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