Park HyeSoo Bully: “Dear.M” Premiere Delayed Following Allegations Against Park Hye Soo: Read

Park HyeSoo Bully: ‘Dear. M’, starring Park Hye Soo was recently postponed indefinitely due to the bullying allegations against the actor. Have a look at the details of the story.

On February 24, the drama’s production team released a statement to announce that the drama’s premiere, originally scheduled for February 26, had been delayed due to an issue surrounding one of the cast members as well as to improve the quality of the drama.

Park Hye Soo has recently been accused of being a perpetrator of school violence. Park Hye Soo’s agency denied the accusations and announced their plans to take legal action against malicious slander.

Park HyeSoo Bully: “Dear.M” Premiere Delayed Following Allegations Against Park Hye Soo: Read
Dear.M” Premiere Delayed Following Allegations Against Park Hye Soo

Park HyeSoo Bully: The production team’s full statement

“Hello, this is the production team for KBS’s Friday drama “Dear.M.”

We ask for the understanding of viewers who have been waiting for “Dear.M.”

In order to thoroughly examine the recent issue surrounding one of the “Dear.M” cast members and to ensure a high-quality release, we have decided to delay the premiere that was originally scheduled for February 26.

We will announce the new schedule for the press conference and premiere at a later date.”

Park Hyseo Bullying
Park Hyseo Bullying

Actor Park Hye Soo has lately been in the news for the bullying allegations against her, by a classmate from middle school. Various people also took to social media to call out the actor and her actions from the past. Some of the people had been of the stance that the actor would even take money from her schoolmates by keeping them scared and threatened.

The makers of her upcoming drama series, Dear. M, have announced that they have officially postponed the release date of the show which was initially scheduled for February 26, 2021. They stated that the step is being taken to closely examine the recent allegations against the cast and to better the quality of the series and provide the audience with the best viewing experience. According to a report by The Korean Times, the announcement was by KBS on Wednesday and the new date for the release of the show has not yet been disclosed.

Park has denied the allegations and claimed through her management agency, Studio Santaclaus Entertainment, that some people are trying to take advantage of the bullying scandal ― which has engulfed the entertainment and sports scenes in Korea recently ― for financial gain. “We have collected substantial evidence proving that the claims are false,” the agency said in a statement. “We will maintain a zero-tolerance stance and take legal action against those who spread lies and rumors online.”

Park became known to the public after competing in the popular audition show “K-pop Star 4” in 2014. She made her way into acting with a supporting role in the 2015 TV series “Yong Pal” and has taken lead roles in various other series and movies, including the 2018 musical “Swing Kids.”

“Dear M” Trailor

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