“I Won’t Change My Mind”: Controversy resurfaces over K-Drama Superstar Park Seo Joon’s old interview

Park Seojoon

Hwarang Actor Park Seo Joon’s interview from 2014 resurfaced and netizens were not happy with the responses he gave in one of his recent interview, when asked about his views on what he said in the 2014 interview. The star’s opinions about his choice of partner has got him under fire.

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Park Seo Jun’s 2014 Controversy

On June 27, Park Seo Joon’s comments in his previous interview caught the attention of broadcasters. In this interview, the character talks about his beautiful character. He said he would not change his mind about his future partner who should leave her job to take care of his family.

Park said, “I grew up in a family like that so I also think my kids should be raised by their mother. I heard the one’s childhood forever shapes the person’s perspective on life. It seems unloved childhood leads to problematic adult life. Either he won’t have good social skills, or he could end up being a felon to be extreme. I will be their good fatherly figure, but the children need their mom. It could be wrong but to me, this is an answer now.” 

On being asked about what his ideal type of partner is he said, “I find women who bring about my protective instinct attractive. I feel like if they are tall, they are going to be fine living alone. I like women who keep me worried. And skinny women tend to be like that.” 

Netizens Comment On Park Seo Joon’s Opinions

What lol I’ll never look at him the same way again smh”

“Well, what an old, patriarchal belief.” 

“How does a child having a working mother automatically lead to having unloved childhood? That’s a big leap.”

“I’m pretty sure not all his fans have had loving childhood…He should have been more thoughtful with his words”

“I understand he wants someone to be a stay-at-home mom but saying someone could end up being a felon? That crossed the line” 

“He seems to not know how his words would hurt many people. I see what his perspectives are like”

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