Park Yoochun wins ‘Best Male Actor at the ‘Las Vegas Asian Film Awards’: Fans congratulate him for the big win

park yoochun wins best male actor

South Korean actor Park Yoochun bagged the ‘Best Male Actor award at the prestigious Las Vegas Asian Film Awards, for his independent film ‘Make An Offering To Evil’ which is the movie title’s literal translation. Fans and Netizens congratulated the actor on his big win. Read on to know more.

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The Las Vegas Asian Film Awards are a recently established awards ceremony and they announce the winners of the award night for the first time in August this year. ‘Make a Donation to Evil’ is an indie film starring Park Yoochun, and it’s about a man who has suddenly lost everything and a woman who has nothing to lose from the beginning. A man and a woman meet and face each other’s desperate moments in their lives. The indie film has marked the return of Park Yoochun to the screen after 4 years, from his 2017 film ‘Lucid Dream’.

Meanwhile, Park Yoochun was arrested on drug-related charges in 2019 and sentenced to two years in prison. After the award ceremony, Park Yoochun announced his retirement from the South Korean entertainment industry. However, he soon returned to his words and began his work with a fan meeting, as well as other activities.


In April 2019, actor Park Yoo Chun denied allegations of illegal drug use and said he would retire as a celebrity if he was found in possession of drugs. He was then tested for drug rights by the National Forensic Service and admitted to drug use conditions. He was given a ten-month prison sentence suspended for two years for testing and treatment.
When he appeared on Channel A “Heard of the Vine,” Park Yoochun spoke frankly about his early retirement from the entertainment industry. Yoochun said: “I was spending almost most of my time at home with my family. I often went hiking when I had a lot on my mind. Instead of staying at home and just thinking about it, I went outside and got some fresh air. I don’t know any better way or not, but I walk in the hope that it will. ”

Regarding whether or not she was searching for articles about him, Park Yoochun replied, “I can’t really look at the reports. I couldn’t watch the news or TV programs that mentioned my name because they were extremely scary. “

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