Pratik throws his letter and cries, All the housemates get emotional after getting letters from their family, Read here to know more


Pratik sacrificed his letter for the task: In the nomination task, only Moose and Raqesh got to read the letters from their family as Nishant and Shamita sacrificed their letters for their connections. In a task for the captaincy, all the contestants got an opportunity to read their family’s letters. After staying away from the loved ones for months, all the housemates start to miss them and are always looking forward to get their messages in the house. It is indeed an emotional moment for them to read the messages full of love and motivation from their families. After reading the same, everyone got emotional during the task. Keep reading to know more.

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Housemates get emotional after reading letters from their families

In order to become the boss man and boss lady of the house, the contestants had to build a ladder of steps. Every step is given with one letter of the contestant from their families and to build a ladder they had to tear the letter. Nishant and Moose already had one step. Shamita and Raqesh were acting as the ‘sanchalaks’ to this task.

Divya’s letter was taken by Millind Gaba and he decided to give it to her. Nishant’s letter was picked by Pratik, who handed it over to Nishant. Akshara’s letter was also picked up by Gaba. She decided to tear the letter and get a step. Gaba’s letter was picked by Pratik and Nishant, they both decided and handed it over to him.

Pratik gave up on his letter

Pratik himself took his letter and teared it and took a step. He felt sad and broke down in tears after throwing his letter, He got extremely emotional as his mother is his first priority but he sacrificed the letter to make a fair game. Nishant took Shamita’s letter and gave it to her. As a result, there was no boss lady or boss man selected for the week as all the contestants had built the steps equally and it was a tie as all the connections had one step.

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