Priyanka Chopra on The Ellen show: “Nick Jonas is a lot neater than I am” and More

Priyanka Chopra on The Ellen show: "Nick Jonas is a lot neater than I am" and More

The Ellen Show or Ellen DeGeneres is an American daytime television comedy talk show hosted by Ellen DeGeneres. The show is a combination of comedy, celebrity, musical guests, and other human-interest stories.

In Ellen DeGeneres, Ellen frequently plays games with the audience which includes the policy of prizings and awards.

Priyanka Chopra on The Ellen show

With respect to promotions and furtherings of her new projects on different television shows, which also includes the show of Ellen DeGeneres, Priyanka Chopra revealed and bluntly said that “My husband is a lot neater than I am. Because I don’t want to be the messy one in the house, I have started keeping my shoes, making the bed in the morning.”

Priyanka Chopra also revealed that unlike her, Nick Jonas only likes eating at the dining table. She stated, “He can’t eat on the couch which I love doing. I have learned that at times we have to pivot against each other. He prefers a dining table for dinner. He is very formal that way. He is super fancy.”

Priyanka Chopra discovered during the lockdown that his husband is super fancy and a lot neater than Priyanka Chopra herself. Ellen had asked various questions from Priyanka on the talk show which includes her asking Priyanka about any progress she has made in learning the piano. To which she replied “I did for a good two days, and then I was like I can’t. I wasn’t coordinated to do it. It was too hard.”

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Ellen discovered that it was Nick who was the teacher after Priyanka told her “He was the one who was trying to teach me and then gave up as I gave up.”

Priyanka Chopra Jonas also talked about her favorite Tik-toker among the Jonas Brothers and you would be surprised to know that Nick Jonas is not her favorite. What out the video below for an answer.

Ellen also played a game with Priyanka Chopra which was Truth and Drinks. She said that it was Lily Singh who texted her last. She also revealed that Frankie is her favorite Jonas brother to follow on TikTok in the Truth and Drink game.

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