Protect Enhypen Dominates Twitter Trends After Heeseung Was Accused Of Being Racist: Read on to know more

protect enhypen

Fans of the K-pop boyband ENHYPEN had a member accused of being racist, Belift Lab is expected to protect the boys and to sue those who claim that the members are racists.
The Korean boy band, ENHYPEN member Heesung, is caught in the middle of some accusations against him. The different people on the Internet claim that the singer sung the “N” word in a video, and that it was extremely critical of him for the use of the racist term.

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Is ENHYPEN’S Heesung Racist?

Fans of the band Enhypen, on TWITTER and INSTAGRAM, claim that it must have been a mistake. They have also reached out to Belift Lab, the company that started ENHYPEN, and still manages the group, to have a statement released about the same thing. Fans of Enhypen are called the ENGENES, and these fans have made the hashtag #ProtectEnhypen trend on twitter in order to protect their idols from these accusations.

“We won’t stop until you make a move @BELIFTLAB, you only have one artist pls protect them at all cost, this issue wouldn’t stop if you keep being silent pls make legal action about this or at least HEAR US OUT!!!! #PROTECTENHYPEN.”

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This whole debate about whether or not Heesung is a racist began with a video of him and Jungwon. In the background, the song “Love in Abundance” by SZA played, then came in the notion that Heesung was reported to be singing the N-word. No one saw him, but some of them claim to have heard them clearly. “Heeseung with ENHYPEN singing the n-word in it, and instead of having to make a call from ENGENES are trending #protect nl. they don’t hold him accountable, ” one user tweeted.

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#ProtectEnhypen: Take a look at some of the Tweets:

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