Rakhi Sawant: ‘Funny Moments’ from the recent episode of BB season14, Trolled by Ex-housemates

Rakhi Sawant is a total entertainer in the recent episode of Bigg Boss 14.

In the recent episode of Bigg Boss14, BB announced a task titled ‘Locked up’ in which all housemates have been locked out of the house and they’re not allowed to use anything from the house. Yesterday, Bigg Boss sent his few assistants dressed in PPE kits inside the house, and they took away all the ration that was provided to the contestants. Not only this, they even took away the items that contestants have kept hidden in the house.

Bigg Boss gave a task to the housemates that was a super challenging task in which almost no food was given to the contestants and they had to face their struggles like personal hygiene, hunger, etc. Rakhi nailed the entertainment level in this task. She unintentionally lit up the task with her funny and dramatic moments.

Rakhi Sawant cries out of hunger “Mujhe Bhook lagi hai” Bigg Boss teases all housemates with delicious Burger and Fries

Rakhi is seen walking around the garden area of the house, holding her stomach. She says, ‘mujhe bhook lagi hai Bigg Boss’. Rakhi is seen telling everyone how she has lost some weight because she hasn’t consumed any food. The actress further cries out of hunger and later seen crawling like a snake on the floor, other contestants watch her antics.

Hungry Rakhi is seen talking to the banana which she was eating. She said to the banana, ‘Hey kele, ab tu itna hi bacha hai. Tu mera pait bhar de bas mere paas itna hi food hai.’  Rakhi is seen holding that banana skin in her mouth and asks Sonali Phogat if she’s interested in eating it with her. Further, BB assistants wearing a PPE kit seen entering the house. They teased all housemates with tasty Burger and fries through the glass door.

Rakhi Sawant''s : Take a look at her 'Funny Moments' from the recent episode of BB season14
Rakhi Sawant in BB14

Bigg Boss 14 has punished all the housemates for violating the rules during a task. All their food has been taken back. Contestants are seen begging for food.


The promo captions, ‘#BiggBoss ki di huyi saza ne chheen liya hai gharwalon ka maza! Ab kaise shaant hogi #RakhiSawant ki bhook?’

This part of the episode was indeed the most entertaining one!! #RakhithesoulofBB14

Rakhi went crazy with her Hunger pangs


Rakhi Sawant
Hungry Rakhi struggles for food

Jasmin Bhasin, who recently got evicted from the show tweeted and trolled Rakhi Sawant for her hunger issues


It is complete torture for the housemates but this task was filled with Rakhi’s entertaining spirit and she nailed it!

Are you excited to see what will happen next and how will Rakhi control her hunger?

Let’s watch it in today’s episode of Bigg Boss 14.

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