Ranveer is Joker : SSR’s fans target Ranveer Singh through #RanveerIsJoker on twitter to express their sorrow

Ranveer is Joker : SSR's fans target Ranveer Singh through #RanveerIsJoker on twitter to express their sorrow

It’s been months to SSR’s demise but his fans simply can’t move on from the fact that he is no more among us.

By manipulating the messages being conveyed through a commercial on television explains how desperately SSR’s fans want a revenge. They are in search of spark to lit the fire. Whosoever was suspected as a culprit (direct or indirect) in SSR’s case is being targeted one way or the other. Ranveer is said to have stolen SSR’s opportunities in Bollywood which makes the masses target him every time.

Dignity speaks for itself. Even though there are numerous mysteries related to SSR’s death, nobody can deny that life of his fans has been in denial since he left us. There are infinite loopholes in Bollywood and all we can do about it is support those who deserve to be supported.

What is #RanveerIsJoker and why is it trending?

Sushant Singh Rajput’s fans were left fuming by a new ad featuring Ranveer Singh which they found derogatory. The ad shows Ranveer speaking to elders in complex physics terms, which, fans feel is a direct jibe at SSR who loved physics.

After much uproar on social media by Sushant’s fans, the brand even issued a clarification stating the ad was shot before the actor’s death. Despite this, netizens are not willing to accept the explanation given and continue to slam the actor, using the hashtag #RanveerIsJoker.

Ranveer appeared in Bingo’s commercial where he used a scientific language to answer the questions of his relatives in a party. SSR’s fans believe this to be a mockery of their beloved hero. In response to Ranveer’s act of insensitivity, SSR’s fans couldn’t help but mock him in every way possible which is why he is compared to a joker targeting his very unusual dressing sense.

Believe it or not SSR has left an everlasting impact on his audience and they will fight for retaining his dignity in Bollywood till their last breath.

How Twitter Reacted :

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