MC Kode Controversy: Rapper MC Kode goes missing after getting threats on Social Media on June 2, Check out the fans’ reactions and read to know the full story till now

MC Kode

Rapper MC Kode gone missing: MC Kode went missing on June 2, Wednesday after getting threats on social media and his family and friends have been looking for him. Keep reading to know the full story!

Who is MC Kode and what is his real name?

MC Kode is a Delhi-based rapper. His real name is Aditya Tiwari and he is 23 years old. He has a fair complexion and height around 5’8-5’9. He is an Indian rapper and was born in New Delhi and now he is living in New Delhi. His songs are quite polar on social media. For years, he has been hosting, participating, and judging rap battles across many states, including Mumbai, Gujarat, Guwahati, Jaipur, Uttar Pradesh & Haryana.

MC Kode’s last location before he went missing

He was last seen at an isolated bridge near Yamuna where he claimed that he was about to commit suicide.

Why did MC Kode get threats on social media?

His controversial song in which he had said some objectionable lines about Hinduism.  In one of his old videos, he has said something about Hinduism which is quite offensive for some people. And now that video goes viral and MC Kode got death threats and all. After that, he said that he is going to end his life if any more threats come to him. And since last Wednesday he is missing his family members and cops are searching for him. 

A video from 2016 went viral recently from a rap battle in which he is seen using offensive words for Bhagavad Gita, Mahabharat and also wild language against women. Not only him, his opponent also used this kind of language only. As soon as this video went viral, a lot of people started writing #ArrestMCKode because the religous sentiments of the people got hurt after watching Kode’s video containing offensive and unacceptable content.

As a consequence, many commercial tie-ups of Kode started breaking, for instance, Redbull had a dedicated web page for him in which Kode was serving as a mentor for some program but they removed him from it.

MC Kode’s Apology

MC Kode stated an apology saying that it was an old video and back then he was a teenager looking for some cheap reactions and never realised and never realised the consequences. Check out his apology statement below:

Rapper MC Kode missing after social media trial over old video against Hinduism; fans request netizens to find him
Rapper MC Kode missing after social media trial over old video against Hinduism; fans request netizens to find him

Twitter Reactions

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