BTS : Reason Why ‘BTS Army’ Twitter Has Been Screaming All Day

Reason Why Army Twitter Has Been Screaming All Day

Just as the title suggests, the army has been in hysterics all day. One after another, we’ve gotten surprising bits of news, starting with Jungkook having blond hair, talks about the new BTS album, the popular webtoon ‘True Beauty’s character being inspired by Kim SeokJin, a mistranslation of RM’s words, and Jungkook’s new apartment that’s worth 7.6 billion won.

Jungkook’s New Look

The Maknae of the group, Jeon Jungkook, rarely changes his hair color. Over the past 7 years, he has had hair of all shades of brown and black and a rare occurrence of red, and this morning we suddenly got hit by the bomb that is: Blond Jungkook. Of course, army stan Twitter was instantly begging for proof and tweeting about how we could get Jungkook in a blond man hair bun. Jungkook’s picture with blond hair was leaked by a Saesang a few hours before the actual reveal.

The 23-year-old has been experimenting with his hair ever since his last birthday. He got a buzz cut, grew a length for a bun and then a short pony, and even made two pigtails once. But the one thing we did not expect was a sudden hair change. Jungkook is the most talked about person on Twitter today with over a million mentions to his name and several other hashtags and trends about his hair, voice, etc.

And besides, every army knows what a hair change means. A NEW ALBUM AND ERA!!


Hints About The New BTS Album

It’s amazing how BTS release full albums with bops, full choreographies, and storylines one after the other. BTS releases three albums in 2020, the last one has released a few months ago and they’re already talking about the next one to come.

BTS have often hidden hints in their concert VCRs, award speeches, and seemingly random Twitter and reverse posts and so the army has been scrambling to find enough pieces to get an idea of what to expect from the new album.

There are speculations of their new album having something to do with the word ‘FEAR’ or even be a continuation of their recent album ‘BE’ and the title track, Life Goes On.


Jin in True Beauty

Kim Seokjin was the inspiration of Suho ( a character) in true beauty since the author is a huge Jin stan. It’s a known fact that Jin has an acting degree and has incredible talents alongside singing. Army has been hoping to see Jin star in a movie or Kdrama for years and ever since the author of true beauty revealed the little information, everyone is having the thought of Jin having the chance to debut as an actor.

Jin’s amazing acting skills are easily recognizable in his highlight reel, the Blood sweet and tears mv, and some RunBts episodes.


More Recent News :


-BTS’ Jungkook buys a home for 7.6 billion won in Itaewon; Singer’s new abode near the Indian embassy residence for 7.63 billion KRW ($7,050,940 USD).

-Leader Kim Namjoon’s (RM)’s words get mistranslated in the Bangtan Bomb video. Namjoon was implying that the glasses that he’s wearing made him look like a smart alec that mastered hangul when he was four but the subtitles made it look like Namjoon got a 4 yrs old child who mastered hangul. And since He has often talked about being a dad, and even bought little kid shoes in the past, the army’s joked that he might actually be hiding a whole family.

-In the worldwide trending list you can find ‘omg Jungkook’, ‘new album, ‘black swan Jungkook’ and ‘congratulations BTS’ trending under tags ‘BTS’ and ‘JUNGKOOK.  ‘producer V’ and ‘Namgi’ are also on the trending list.


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