Red Velvet’s Joy enjoys a blissful summer day in mood sampler video for new solo debut album Hello while Wendy talks about her hiatus

red velvet Joy to make a solo comeback

Red Velvet’s Joy is all ready to launch her solo debut album called Hello. Red Velvet’s main vocalist Wendy, who recently released her solo album shared her experience of her hiatus. Read further ahead to know about the details of Joy’s new album.

Red Velvet’s Joy’s New Album

Red Velvet’s Joy has enchanted audiences with her amazing vocals as a member of Red Velvet and also sung for various K-drama OSTs, so it was only fair that we get to hear her stunning vocals in the form of her solo debut album, and our wish was granted. Earlier this week, SM Entertainment confirmed that Joy will be releasing her solo debut album, titled, Hello on May 31. ReVeluvs were excited and trended, ‘Joylo’ to welcome the good news.

Joy has been releasing teaser pictures and videos, elevating fans’ excitement for her debut solo. In the latest mood sampler, Joy can be seen enjoying a beautiful and blissful summer day.

Joy is the second member to go solo from the group after Wendy’s solo debut EP ‘LIKE WATER’ was released in April 2021. Joy’s debut solo album is named ‘Hello’ and will consist of six tracks. These tracks will all be remakes of popular hits released during the 1990s to 2000s. The special album will first be released online on May 31 at 6 PM KST and will be followed by a physical version on June 3.

The pre-order bookings have already started on May 17, 2021. Joy’s special solo album will be named Hello and will have six tracks that are remakes of the hit songs released between 1990-2000. Red Velvet took to its Twitter account to announce this news and said “Vitamin voice JOY’s special album (Hello) to be released on 5/31! A remake album for listeners regardless of generations! Pre-orders to start today!”.

Joy is known for her clear voice and has sung many popular songs. Joy’s other remake song called Introduce Me a Good Person was a huge hit that was originally released in 1996. Her other remake song called Hospital Playlist also performed well on all music charts and was even nominated for Melon Music Awards.

Red Velvet’s Joy In Talks To Star In Her First Drama In 3 Years “Just One Person”, Drama to begin filming in August 2021

On April 23, SPOTV News reported that the Red Velvet member was cast in the new JTBC drama “Just One Person” (literal title). In response to the report, her agency SM Entertainment commented, “Joy received a casting offer for the new JTBC drama ‘Just One Person’ and is reviewing [the offer].”

The upcoming drama is about a terminally ill woman who decides to kill one bad guy because she’s dying anyway. However, she instead meets just one person who becomes incredibly important to her life. It was previously revealed that Ahn Eun Jin and Park Sung Hoon are also in talks to star in the drama. Joy has received an offer to play Sung Mi Do, a famous influencer who doesn’t have much time left to live. With death close ahead of her successful life, the character experiences various complex emotions. If she accepts the role, this will be Joy’s first drama in three years since “Tempted” in 2018.

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Red Velvet’s Wendy admits she was “really nervous and stressed out” while on hiatus

In 2019, Wendy sustained serious injuries after falling from a platform during rehearsals for SBS’s Gayo Daejeon on Christmas Day. The singer spent three months in hospital and over a year recovering, only recently making her return with her first solo mini-album ‘Like Water’.

In a new interview with Teen Vogue, the Red Velvet member shared the feelings of restlessness she initially experienced. “For the first few months, I was really nervous and kind of stressed out that I wasn’t working,” Wendy said.

On a lighter note, Wendy also talked about the recording process for ‘Best Friend’, a touching duet featuring Red Velvet’s Seulgi. She shared that Seulgi, her bandmate and real-life best friend, was the first person who came to mind while deciding who to feature on the song.

However, Wendy revealed that she eventually learnt to accept that she needed the rest after spending months with her family. “That time was really precious to me because I learned a lot from that. I guess I kind of grew up,” she said, adding that it was the first time she had lived with her parents in over a decade.

The singer also singled out album cut ‘When This Rain Stops’ as the most personal song on the album pointing out how its hopeful lyrics tell the story of how she learnt to take the time to heal. “It’s the same for everyone,” she said, in hopes that fans would be able to relate to the song’s message.”

“You work on and on and on. That’s all you ever do, and you think it’s normal. But once you take a step back you can see so many things out there that you haven’t seen, that you haven’t had the time or the energy to see,” she added.

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