Red Velvet’s Joy faces criticism for her lack of communication with fans on the paid subscription service ‘Bubble’

red velvet's joy under fire for lack of communication on bubble

Red Velvet’s Joy has met with a load of criticism because of her lack of communication with fans even after a paid subscription of 4500 Won which converts to 3.80 USD. She has been a target of comments made by netizens. Read on to know more about the whole situation and how the Red Velvet singer reacted to it.

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Red Velvet’s Joy has been met with criticism for her inability to communicate with fans on the ‘Bubble’ paid artists’ platform. Earlier this week, one of the online community forums received attention by saying, “The idol did not send the SM Bubble for one month. Don’t they think we are fools?”

Netizens reports that Joy sent her last message last month on September 15, saying, “Two years ago, it would be only 2 or 3 times she would send a message, a month. Last time, her message came 28 days later. Other members are also busy, but they always send [messages]. But this person is so busy dating that he has time to text his girlfriend but he doesn’t have time to send Bubbles to his fans. “

‘Bubble’ is a paid fan communication service where fans can pay 4,500 winners (~ $ 3.80 USD) per month to view messages from their favourite artists, mimicking an individual conversation.

Recently, a netizens wondered if the singer had noticed the criticism surrounding her for not being able to communicate with fans. On October 15, another network entered an online community forum and wrote, “Joy must have read the stories from fans who don’t get Bubbles from her”. The owner of the network went on to say, “If her messages didn’t arrive today, it’s been a month [since his last message] so a refund would have been possible.

You just sent Bubble, is it because you read the articles?” The netizen was talking about a policy in ‘Bubble’ where subscription refunds are possible if the artist does not write a message for a month or more. As a result, many netizens expressed their thoughts on the singer’s sudden message before the end of the subscription month. Many have expressed differing views on the matter.

Netizens criticised Red Velvet’s Joy

“She does Instagram every day though.”
“Wow Lol she must have been reluctant to invest in TTT.”
“You must be busy dating.”
“Now, Joy will probably send a bunch of Bubbles Loll.”
“That’s funny … [sending Bubble] just one day left to write Loll.”
“Fans must be upset.”
“What a waste of money Loll.”

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