“Ritesh Singh’s family asked for dowry worth Rs 30 lakh and a Car”, reveals his ex wife Snighda Priya in an interview

Ritesh Singh

Ritesh Singh who is known as Rakhi Sawant’s husband entered the Bigg Boss 15 house as a wild card contestant, she finally revealed and brought her long lost husband Ritesh in front of the world. The viewers were eagerly waiting to see his husband since a year now and the wait is over. She welcomed her husband inside the Bigg Boss house with all her heart and the housemates were happy to meet him and called him “Jiju.”

While some of the audience was ecstatic to see Ritesh, but one the other hand some of them did not believe that he is Rakhi’s husband and said, “He is gifted to Rakhi by the makers of show and called him fake.” Ritesh Singh was recently evicted from the show due to lack of votes.

There was no information, picture or background found about Ritesh on social media or any other platform which made the viewers more curious and doubtful about his relation with Rakhi. While the audience was perplexed, recently an interview came out in which Ritesh’s Ex-wife has revealed all the truths about him and his past which stunned the viewers and the fans. Dark secrets about Ritesh and his past life are revealed in the interview.

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Ritesh Singh demanded for dowry from his ex-wife

Ritesh Singh made various false statements about himself to his wife Snigdha Priya before marriage. He lied to her on a number of things which included his house, his education, his salary and his financial status. His wife got to know everything he told her was a lie after their marriage. Snigdha told in the interview that Ritesh’s family demanded for 3o lakh Rupees as dowry, His father said, my son is from IIT and he earns 4 lakh per month and has a flat in Bangalore which is not true, said Snigdha. Ritesh did not ask for dowry but his family did. They also asked for a Car, told Snigdha.

“He was nothing before our marriage, nobody had a smartphone in his family before, he only had 2 t-shirts, 2 pants, 4-5 jeans that were torn, I bought him clothes from my own money, there were 2 glasses, 2 plates, 1 spoon and a burnt cooker in his house, I managed for 4 months after that I got all the renovations done from my pocket money”

Ritesh Singh lied about his background and financial condition to his wife which was revealed by her in the interview.

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