Rubina Dilaik Exclusive episode Girl Tribe by Miss Malini : ‘Girls like you’ exclusive series featuring gorgeous Rubina Dilaik

Girls Like you

Rubina features in the next episode of Girls Like You. Rubina Dilaik an Indian Televison actress and reality TV star who rose to fame with Zee TV’s Chooti Bahu then Colors TV’s Shakti. Rubina Dilaik is a writer, and she is the eldest of three siblings and grew up in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh with her two sisters, Rohini and Naina. She was also crowned as the queen of Bigg Boss 14, and along with this she won millions of heart with her exquisite performance in the reality show.

‘Girls Like You’ next episode out!!

This episode of Girls Like You features none other than Rubina Dilaik, where she talks about her life, her teenage year, how she was brought up as a “princess”. She also draws inspiration from her grandmother about how she’s so cool in a patriarchal society. She talks about her Bigg Boss journey and the secret about her strength. She also talks onto how to make right choices, building self confidence and a lot more.

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Rubina Dilaik talks about her strength and the special bond she shares with her sisters in Girls like you episode.

Questions asked:

  • Your 3 months in the bigg boss house are testimony to your strength. You stood your ground irrespective of situations. What’s the secret to this strength? On asking about her Bigg Boss journey, she said, I’ve gone through a lot in my life, faced heartbreaks and rejections. Onto which she said, the way I’ve dealt with my failure raises my self confidence and esteem. Self confidence helps you remain rooted and also helps you take decision. Her failures and heartbreak made her even more stronger.
  • What advice would you give people on dealing with negativity, especially in the current pandemic situation? To this she said, just believe in yourself. Bad times will also teach you a good lesson. (Not give up/ Not quitting) Right choice and being who you are help
  • Share a childhood memory that has strengthened your bond with your sisters? She said she and her sisters were brought up as princesses. The spirit her parents had as they used to fight for their daughters gave her the confidence to stand for herself.
  • Tell us a quality of your mother that you admire even today? Her family believed in the matriarchal system, her grandmother used to be the decision maker in her family. The matriarchal system has made her fight through the patriarchal society.
  • A piece of advice for girls who look up to you as a role model? She said she will advice herself to be more discipline as millions are looking up to me. And to other, reaches the sucess and become the person they dreamed.

Miss Malini Agarwal

Malini Agarwal aka Miss Malini is an Indian digital influencer, entrepreneur, TV host and also a best selling author. Earlier she was a radio jockey in Mumbai’s Radio One and head of digital content for Channel V. She founded her blog MissMalini.com in 2008, where she covers all the gossip and current events happening in Bollywood, fashion, beauty and lifestyle.


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