RUN BTS : Why episodes 126 and 127 are now Armys Favourite

RUN BTS : Why episodes 126 and 127 are now armys favourite

Run BTS is a variety show that showcases BTS members taking part in various activities. The show airs weekly on V Live and Weverse. Some episodes show them playing games while other show activities like a cook-off, challenges, missions, etc after which they are either given prizes or punishments. Currently, it’s season 3 of the Run BTS that is being aired on V Live and Weverse. The recent episode is episode 127 aired on February 2, 2021.

Episode 127 of Run BTS saw the members pushing themselves to complete a tedious series of 14 challenges. The challenges included hula hooping, blowing bubbles, a water bottle trick, bottle flipping, ball in the cup, etc all of which had the boys AND their fans on the floor (literally, in the case of BTS) due to laughter.

BTS was not allowed to go back home until and unless they successfully completed all the 14 challenges, most of which they themselves had decided (something that they really regretted) or varying difficulty.

In the bottle challenge on Run BTS episode 127, the members had to flick out the caps of the water bottles in one swift motion, while the bottles were placed upside down on the table. Yoongi completed the challenge in one try, however, Jimin who claimed to be a former kendo champ struggled to complete the challenge. Yoongi was declared as the champion and was the first one to leave for home.

From RM and Suga’s hilarious hula hoop spinning expressions to J-Hope’s misery and Jimin constantly failing at the steady bottles challenge, it was indeed nothing short of a laughter ride. However, it was the ending few moments of this Run Bts episode featuring BTS’ beloved maknae line: Jimin, V, and Jungkook, that left BTS ARMY with a big smile on their faces. the trio were the last ones to leave as V was left with the last task because he had lost the rock-paper-scissors game everyone else had beat. They sat together, trying to finish v’s challenge with him and singing songs from their album, Map Of The Soul: 7.

another highlight of the show is the amount of fun the run BTS editors have while editing the episodes for us. They include hilarious and sarcastic comments, use dramatic effects and make the show even more entertaining.

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