Pinch 2 Episode 1 Eid Special: Salman Khan gives modest response to trolls on Arbaaz Khan’s show || Checkout trolls and Bhaijaan’s humorous side.

Salman Khan

The long-awaited gift for all fans of global superstar Salman Khan on the second season of Quick heal Pinch on Eid. Read all the highlights and controversy related to the first episode. Salman Khan appeared on the show as the first guest of his brother Arbaaz Khan’s show Pinch. In this show, Salman Khan has given a befitting reply to the online trolling people. Arbaaz Khan’s QuickHeal Pinch Season 2 is the latest addition to the super-successful chat show of 2019, which focuses on trolls and spreads awareness of cyber violence by inviting celebrities as guests to the show.


Pinch Season 2: Salman Khan’s Eid Special

Arbaaz Khan Pinch’s show returns with season 2. The guest of the first episode of Season 2 is none other than megastar Salman Khan who is also Arbaaz Khan’s elder brother. In this show, Salman Khan gave a befitting reply to the people trolling online. This show is streamed on the occasion of Eid. Sharing the link of the show on his Instagram, Salman Khan called the fans Eid Mubarak. Salman writes – Eid is made on the day of Eid. Here is the first episode of Pinch Season 2. Where I and Arbaaz have talked about cyberbullying.

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People bought tickets to watch his movies, I did not Steal

In the entertaining episode, Arbaaz cornered Salman by making him aware of his naysayers and trolls. The enigmatic Salman Khan confesses that he does not look at likes and comments after posting on social media. In the show, Arbaaz read the comments of some of his followers and Salman responded to them as a professional. When a user said “humse or aapse chura chura ke hi itney well settled hue hai. Hum apna paisa wapas maang rahe hain”, Salman replied that he did not steal his money. People bought tickets to watch his movies on their own. This (acting) is his profession. Salman also quickly pointed out that he was not stealing money, but stealing people’s hearts.

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Salman was asked to be a human and to be a better person, read about Salman’s reaction to this

It starts with a troll in which a troll wrote – “Don’t be the god of the people, be like a human.” On this Salman said God is only one, and he is not me. I am neither a god nor do I want to be. They have a misunderstanding, I don’t think so. 

One said that, “Bakwass insaan, apni family apni but dusro ke emotion kuch bhi nahi”. On this, Salman said that he does a lot not only for his family but also for others, about which he/she must not be aware. We live on land and thereby we have to pay EMI. 

Salman was being questioned for his acting 

In another meme for Salman says – he creates a drama for a good person and with gimmicks. On this, Salman said – the regions they have will be justified for them and not for me.

One commented saying that these people do “pretentious (Dikhave ki) acting“. Salman replied saying to act like me, you need a lot of courage and a big heart to do so, if you have it then you should do it too.

Salman also talks about his Farmhouse, his abusers never forgets to bring in

Many comments have also come about Salman Khan’s farmhouse. One said that, “Isse farmhouse nahi jila (district) ghoshit kardo”. To this Salman Khan replied that our family is so big, of 250 people. In which there are friends, there are close relatives. One said that this is “Aiyyashi ka adda” (den of debauchery), to which Salman said that what did he see because all my posts have come in lockdown, I am either doing exercise or doing farming, I cannot do anything like this. Otherwise, our father will shoot us.

On the video of Salman’s backflip, one said that “Launda is still young, one said 50 years old boy”, while one said that he is not afraid of slip disc. Salman said that 50 years old boy liked me, I can do this stunt on land as well as water. Salman said that I am also afraid of slip discs.

Salman was accused of being married and he has a daughter too

One wrote that “Salman Khan has a wife named Noor in Dubai and a 17-year-old daughter“. On this, Salman said that these are nonsense, such people are not even entitled to answer. I have been living in Galaxy Apartments since I was 9 years old. The whole country knows this.

Arbaaz admits he calls Salman by his name and they abuse to each other like brothers

Another user trolled Arbaaz Khan that Salman being older than him, but he calls him by name. In this regard, Arbaaz said there was only a two-year difference, and Salman corrected it, saying it was only a year and a half. Arbaaz Khan said I always call him Salman, and Salman said we were very chill and we both abuse.

Salman’s view on social media??

Salman clearly states that social media is a powerful medium and many people make a living from it. Still, there are many people on social media who just want to target others. People need to understand that social media is only part of your life, is not your entire life. Salman Khan also said that 90 percent of people also do evil and 10 percent of people are also praising then I will post for those 10 percent people. Salman has 117 million followers on social media but still follows 20-25 strange people. At the same time, Salman Khan, while answering a question of Arbaaz, said that Katrina’s tweets are very sensitive. On asking, which actress he wants his social media to handle.

Altogether, Salman had really very hard-hitting questions, but Dabbang answered all of them in a positive way. Watch the full episode here

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