Scam 1992 Cast Reunion: Hansal Mehta to talk about Scam on Clubhouse on June 18, Read here to know the details

Scam 1992

Scam 1992 Reunion on Clubhouse: Scam 1992 fame Hansal Mehta has scheduled a Reunion on Clubhouse on Thursday, June 17. He has planned the event for Friday, June 18. Many famous personalities come forward and create rooms to talk to their fans and spend some quality time with them on Clubhouse. It is a great platform for everyone to communicate with their favourite personalities online, sitting in their comfort zones. Apart from this, who imagined this to happen? Hansal Mehta’s event is making the fans excited and the audience is looking forward to joining this event on Clubhouse. Keep reading to know the timings and everything else about this much-awaited event.

Scam 1992 Reunion on Clubhouse: Timings

The much-awaited event on Clubhouse will be held on June 18 at 9:00 pm. Keep yourself free and join in the event to have an amazing evening.

Check out the tweet below:

What is the event all about?

The event with Hansal Mehta, Hemant Kher, Jai Mehta, Jay Upadhyay, Sumit Purohit, Chirag Vohra, Pratik Gandhi, Pratham Mehta, Karan Vyas, Saurav Dey and Jaimini Pathak- The Scam 1992 team will be catching up to remember fun times and have a fun time, No agenda. They will just be reminiscing the good old days with their Scam 1992 fans and have a great evening. They all will be the moderators of the room and they might give an opportunity to some of their fans to come up in the speaker’s section and speak a few words with them. It will be exciting for the audience to communicate with the big personalities. Get ready to find some gossips and inside stories of the shooting days!!!

About the famous show Scam 1992

The Hansal Mehta Story was streamed on Sony Live in 2020 and the series received accolades. Pratik Gandhi played the lead role in it, which proved to be the turning point for his career. The scam was based on 1992 journalists Sucheta Dalal and Devashish Basu’s book ‘The Scam- Who Won, Who Lost, Who Lost Away’. Sucheta was played by Shreya Dhanwanthary in the series. Its screenplay was written by Sumit Purohit, Saurabh Dey, Vaibhav Vishal and Karan Vyas. It was also produced by Applause Entertainment.

Scam 1992 also topped IMDb’s top 250 shows

Pratik Gandhi starrer Scam 1992 beats the American TV show, Breaking Bad’s record, with a rating of 9.6, becoming the number 1 TV show among the IMDb’s Top 250 TV Shows. Scam 1992 was the only Indian web series to reach the list of IMDb’s top 250 shows, being at the 18th position. However, with a rating of 9.6, Hansal Mehta directed TV series smashed all the records.

Watch the show footage to reminisce the EPIC show:

Scam 1992 is now the highest-rated Indian show among the IMDb’s top 250 shows, even beating American web drama Breaking Bad, Band of Brothers, Chernobyl, and Ricky and Morty. The series is also among one of the most talked-about and intriguing web series, which has captivated a huge audience.

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