Selena Gomez returns with the Second Season of ‘Selena + Chef’

Selena Gomez returns with the Second Season of 'Selena + Chef'

Worldwide famous pop singer, Selena Gomez is back in the second season of HBO Max’s show, ‘Selena + Chef’. The trailer for the show was released 2 weeks ago and is now streaming on HBO Max.

During the last year in the pandemic, we saw that many entertainment industries and celebrities have tried to make the most advantage out of this situation. ‘Selena + Chef’ is one of the shows made during the quarantine period. However, you can actually find yourself enjoying the show, as we see Selena trying to learn how to cook various dishes while trying to not burn down the kitchen.


What is the show about?

The pop singer sharpens her cooking skills with the help of many celebrity guests, professional chefs, and her own family members occasionally. This season, Gomez welcomes chefs like José Andrés, Kelis Rogers, Curtis Stone and more.

In one clip from the trailer, we see James Beard-award winning author, humanitarian, and chef JJ Johnson teaching Gomez how to make flavorful seafood gumbo. He puts Selena’s knife skills to the test, with some tense moments as she is guided through the proper way to slice the bell pepper. “Watch your fingers, please!”, he says at one point via the video call, as Selena almost slices her own finger.

Other famous chefs like Curtis Stone and José Andrés are also seen assisting her in a few dishes. They introduce her to some of their signature dishes, including delicious steak sandwiches and gazpacho.

We also see Selena’s Nana and Papa often popping by, as they show their own cooking tips and tricks to Selena and the viewers. Her Nana and Papa have developed their own fan following after being seen in the show. “Believe it or not, he has his own fan account”, says Selena, while talking about her Papa.

The show is light and funny, with fun conversations, joking around, and of course, lots of eating. What’s even better is, that each episode ends with a donation made to a charity of the guest chef’s choosing.

Selena Gomez recently released her first track of 2021 called ‘De Una Vez’, which is completely in Spanish

Where to Watch

‘Selena + Chef’ is available to stream on HBO Max now.

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