“Shame on you”: Rihanna shares topless picture with Lord Ganesha Necklace on February 16, invites social media fury


Rihanna Poses Topless Wearing Lord Ganesha Necklace: Sparking another controversy, pop icon Rihanna has posted a topless picture on Twitter in which she is wearing a Ganesh pendant. The picture was posted on Rihanna’s verified Twitter account.

Twitter was up in arms yet again after popstar Rihanna on Tuesday posted a semi-nude topless picture for her lingerie brand, Savage X Fenty, while sporting a necklace with a Ganesha pendant. Wearing just a pair of satin lavender shorts, Rihanna is covering her modesty with her hand and sporting a purple necklace with a Ganesha figurine on it.

Rihanna’s picture has “Hurt the religious sentiments of all the Hindus”

Soon after the picture went viral, many took to Twitter to express their displeasure and accused her of hurting their religious sentiments. Many also called her out for cultural appropriation. One user wrote, ”Super offensive wearing Ganesha like that. My first god, a holy sentiment to millions of people celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi every year.

Sorry RiRi, you disappointed me and others, while another wrote, ”Rihanna !! stop using my religion as an aesthetic !! that Ganesh figurine at the end of the chain is a holy and sacred figure for us Hindus.”

Sharing it, she tweeted, “when @PopcaanMusic said “me nuh wan ya wear no lingerie tonight fa me girl” @SavageXFenty”.
Have a look at the picture:

Another commented, “So out of line, using our sentimental values as an accessory, shame! @rihanna it wasn’t bad enough that u were making children make fenti products, now u had to go & pull this cultural appropriation stuff.”

BJP leader Ram Kadam also criticized her for sharing a topless photo with a Lord Ganpati idol pendant. “It’s appalling to see how @Rihanna shamefully mocks our beloved Hindu God #Ganesha. This exposes how #Rihanna has no idea of respect for Indian culture, tradition, and our issues here. Hopefully, at least now @RahulGandhi and other Congress leaders will stop taking help from her”, he wrote.

Here is what people are saying about Rihanna’s topless picture:

The picture was criticized by many for disrespecting the Hindu religion. BJP MLA Rama Kadam slammed the pop icon for shamefully mocking Hindu God Lord Ganesha.

This comes days after Rihanna faced severe backlash from Indians after she tweeted in support of the ongoing farmers’ agitation on the outskirts of the national capital Delhi.

A few days back, the pop star had burst onto the Indian social media scene after she tweeted about the ongoing farmers’ protest. Sharing a news article about the same, she had tweeted, “Why aren’t we talking about this?! #FarmersProtest”. After Rihanna’s tweet, many international public figures such as Greta Thunberg, Amanda Cerny, and Mia Khalifa also tweeted about the issue.

This caused a massive outrage from people and celebrities alike who asked her to not comment on India’s internal matters. Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) had also reacted sharply to comment by Rihanna.

Notably, this is not the first time Rihanna has been in controversy over her disrespect to a particular religion. Back in 2013, Rihanna did a photoshoot at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Centre in Abu Dhabi. However, she was asked to leave after she clicked a few ‘inappropriate photos’. A statement issued by the Grand Mosque Centre read as “She was confronted by the mosque officials and directed to the appropriate entrance to the mosque, to carry out a visit under the normal conditions.”

She landed another controversy during the launch of her brand Savage X Fenty lingerie show, the event had the song ‘Doom’ being played which has a Muslim text called Hadith in it. This did not go well with people and they called her out immediately.

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