“Our parents separated me and Shilpa in our childhood and we used to miss each other”, confesses Shamita Shetty in an interview

Shamita Shetty

Shamita Shetty, who is currently a contestant of the reality show Bigg Boss 15, has a huge fan following already. Before Bigg Boss 15, She was also a part of the first season of Bigg Boss Ott in which the audience got to know everything about her personality. She has not only impressed the fans with her calm nature but also with her chic looks as the actress looks exquisite on the show and takes stand for herself. The audience has seen all aspects of her, be it anger, aggression, love, friendships and romance.

In an interview, the Shetty sisters, i.e, Shamita Shetty and Shilpa Shetty revealed a plethora of incidents from their past wherein they talked about being separated from each other in their childhood.

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“Shilpa attacked me in our childhood which left a permanent cut on my face”, says Shamita Shetty

The sisters were getting all nostalgic in the interview and talking about the fights they used to have when they were younger. Shilpa confessed that she once locked Shamita in their father’s cupboard and locked it. When Shamita came out, she got extremely angry and threw something at her and Shilpa also threw a piece of sunmica piece at her which left a permanent cut on her face. Shamita showed the cut and said, I still have it on my face.

Shilpa said,

“Our parents were so fed up so they decided to separate us, they sent me to my grandmother’s house and then she and I were both miserable and we couldn’t live without each other, we begged to go back to each other and promised that we wouldn’t fight with each other.”

Shamita replied,

“When we were small, we used to fight over basic things but as we grew up we became closer” to which Shilpa said, “We became even closer after my marriage, like 15 years ago.”

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