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Five weeks have passed since the publication on Instagram that showed Camilo with Canadian superstar Shawn Mendes, which had triggered the alarms of his followers about a possible collaboration. And that song arrived this Wednesday with the publication of the remix of “KESI”, a song in which for the first time in his career we heard Shawn Mendes singing in Spanish.

The collaboration, says Sony Music, Camilo’s record label, arose after a direct message in which Shawn Mendes told the Colombian how much he liked the song, which is part of “My hands”, Camilo’s second album.

Camilo and Shawn Mendes’ reactions to the collaboration (Kesi)

“I never thought of remixing him until one of my favorite artists, Shawn Mendes, proposed it to me directly. Being a big fan of his music, the very idea of ​​listening to him singing in Spanish is something that made me very excited,” said Camilo through a statement.

“The fact that he decided to sing in our language for the first time in his career in a song with me is one of the greatest honors I have had in my career as an artist. It is a song full of life, smiles, energy and contagious happiness like no other and the friendship that unites us is so honest and close that it encourages and gives spirit to this collaboration, “added the Colombian singer-songwriter.

Shawn Mendes, for his part, said that Camilo’s energy is one of the aspects that stands out the most in this collaboration.

“My favorite part of working with Camilo is being around him, his energy is contagious and beautiful. When we met there was an immediate click, and I feel like it’s so much easier to work with someone once you feel like you’re friends with him. you get a lot more excited about the release, “Mendes said in a statement.

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Sharing the same, Camilo wrote in his instagram caption, “KESI REMIX came out !! And it is available on all platforms! ☀️ I love you brother @shawnmendes !! It really means the world that u decided to sing in spanish for the first time on a song with me! I love ur fandom, and I know we’re all gonna be one TRIBE from now on! ⛺️🔥 GO LISTEN ☀️”

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Shawn Mendes is all set to participate in Global Citizen live.

Here’s a piece of exciting news for Mendes fans across the world. Shawn will be participating in Global Citizen Live for the first time. This means that Shawn will feature its performances in a 24-hour broadcast. This mega event will take place on Saturday, September 25, and will be streamed by ABC, ABC News Live, BBC, iHeartRadio, FX, Hulu, YouTube and Twitter.

Shawn is not the only one who will be performing for Global Citizen Live. Along with Shawn other singers/groups will also be performing, BTS (for the first time), Billie Eilish, Coldplay, Davido, Ed Sheeran, Doja Cat, Green Day, H.E.R., Metallica, Ricky Martin, the Weeknd and Usher. Furthermore, Global Citizen Live will be organised with live audience in New York, and some other parts of the world.

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