Shreya Mehta (The Filmy Kudi) has set the internet on fire with her exquisitely hot pictures. Check them out here!

The filmy kudi aka Shreya Mehta has set the internet on fire with her exquisitely hot pictures

Everybody’s favourite The Filmy Kudi aka Shreya Mehta has left the netizens ablaze with her exquisitely stunning and hot pictures, which the College Romance actress shared recently. She never leaves a chance to amuse her fans and admirers with her acting skills and definitely her gorgeous pictures.

The Indian Actress, Model, Choreographer and a YouTuber, who appeared as ‘Deepika’, a badass and a super cool girl in one of the most hit web series ‘College Romance’, has a huge number of fan following on her social media platforms. She keeps her fans up to date with her latest pictures and videos, and also about her upcoming projects.

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About Shreya Mehta (The Filmy Kudi)

Shreya Mehta
Shreya Mehta

Shreya Mehta is a 27-year-old multi-talented Actor, who is also a Model, Choreographer, YouTuber, and dancer. She entered the world of acting as an intern at ‘TVF Qtiyapa’, a very famous entertainment YouTube channel. She has impressed the audience with her acting skills and since then, her success game started to become strong, as she got tons of opportunities.

Shreya Mehta is better known with her name ‘The Filmy Kudi’ which she has set on her social media platforms and truly defines the name, as she is a huge fan of Bollywood and claims to have gotten these traits from her father. Other than an actress, model, YouTuber, choreographer and dancer, Shreya is also a motivational speaker.

‘The Filmy Kudi’ aka Shreya Mehta’s stunning pictures

Shreya Mehta is a social bee and never fails to flatter her fans with her gorgeous posts. The actress has over 532 thousand followers on her Instagram account. Check out some of her exquisitely hot and stunning pictures that she shared on her Instagram feed here:

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