Shweta Memes : “Shweta your mic is on”, the curious case of Shweta and her friend’s s*x-addict girlfriend, ‘Shweta memes’ Have a look!

Viral Meme: "Shweta your mic is on", the curious case of Shweta and her friend’s sex-addict girlfriend, 'Shweta memes' Have a look!

Shweta’s “not-so-secret conversation”: A recording of what appears to be an online class has gone viral where one Shweta was narrating to her friend her conversations with her other close guy friend. Much to everyone’s amusement, Shweta appears to have muted the speaker instead of muting her microphone, thereby spilling her friend’s secrets to her entire class.

Shweta’s ‘secret conversation’ revealed: “Jab milte the, karte the”

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Shweta narrates in detail how his friend shared all his secrets with her, where he tells her that he “makes out with his sex-addict girlfriend whenever they meet” and that they have “done it multiple times”. She narrates how her friend sometimes gets too possessive about his girlfriend. “He loves that girl like crazy. That girl was just using me and I didn’t even know. He was so crazy about her that she was a sex addict, he was attracted with feeling. So he also did ‘it’,” she said. She adds that her friend confided that he was also hooked to having sex with the girl that they would do it’s every time they meet.

Since her speaker seems to have been switched off, the repeated warnings from other members in the meeting like: “Shweta, your mic is on”, “Shweta….Shweta, don’t worry now 111 people know your secret”, had gone unheard.

Soon after the audio clip was shared on social media, netizens filled Twitter with the most innovative and hilarious memes and Shweta started trending on the microblogging site.

Amid all the political and paid hashtags, a genuine, organic trending topic on Twitter is like a breath of fresh air. On Thursday afternoon, ‘Shweta’ was trending on Twitter.


Have a look at the hilarious memes flooded on Twitter:



Before even Shweta could realize, she became a star on Twitter.

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