BB14: Sidharth advises Abhinav not to interfere in wife Rubina’s fights, says, “Nobody will beat her in the house”

Sidharth advises abhinav

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 14, season 13 trophy winner Sidharth Shukla steals the limelight as he grills contestants in his inimitable style. Sidharth hosts a section, where viewers get to question each contestant and then the actor adds his own opinion and also cross-question them.

Abhinav is questioned for not playing his own game and always being in Rubina’s shadow. Sidharth also tells Abhinav that he has an advantage being together with his wife, but he needs to play his own game.

Sidharth wants to know if it is his strategy and if it is for the game then it’s great. Abhinav says that as a family, he gets concerned for her when anybody comes close to wife Rubina in an attack mode. It’s his instinct to protect her. Vikas also sides Abhinav’s thought. Vikas says Abhinav tries to stay in a shield mode as if someone attacks Rubina then Abhinav shouldn’t feel that he didn’t do anything.

Sidharth points out that even if they are husband and wife, everyone is fighting and playing their own game. He asks if he doesn’t think Rubina is capable enough to play for her own game. Sidharth also asks if he really thinks Rahul will beat Rubina. He adds, “After 17 weeks, you see a person’s limit. Even if after that you keep interfering in the name of instinct then it is not done. It’s interference. Rubina looks weak because nobody is going to harm anyone.”

Abhinav says he can’t unlearn his instincts. Sidharth advises, “You are a smart man. Rubina is a wife to you but for others she is a contestant. So you should think and act accordingly.”


Do you also think Abhinav should stop interfering in his wife Rubina’s game and focus on his own game?

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