Secrets of Sinauli : Manoj Bajpayee leads the discovery of the century (All you need to know)

Secrets of Sinauli

Bollywood actor Manoj Bajpayee and Filmmaker Neeraj Pandey collaborate for Discovery+ Secrets of Sinauli. The recent 55 minutes documentary on Discovery+ titled “Secrets of Sinauli” by Neeraj Pandey examines these archaeological findings closely in Situ, recorded when the excavation was going on. Compered by Manoj Bajpayee who in his unique rather incomparable style makes it simple for general viewers. It also portrays the evidence of women warriors from ancient India.

Secrets of Sinauli :

The recent 2018 excavation at the Sianuli burial site, which is located 67km from DElhi in Baghpat (Uttar Pradesh), had led alot of excitement in both the archaeological world as well the history enthusiasts leading to the discovery of 3 chariots that were more than 4000 years old. (2500-1900 BCE). Besides the discovery of 3 chariots, the Sianuli burial site is extremely important not only in Indian context but also in Asian context.

Why was the invention of chariots necessary within the context of Indian history??

Firstly, it was the first time that India was seeing chariots that were contemporary to Mesopotamian culture. Secondly, it put a big question mark on the theory that horses were introduced in India. When the site was first excavated in 2005-2006, it has yield almost 116 burials, making it the biggest burial site in entire Asia. In 2018 when the site was reopened, it yielded some other artifacts.

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Women as warriors in Secrets of Sinauli :

Fining weapons from burials that held skeletal reamains of women also raised the possibility that we were seeing for the first time evidence of women warriors from ancient India. There were found 3 burials of women out of the 10 burials.

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Sinauli site (Discovery) :

The importance of Sinauli stems for the fact that it presented some artifacts that were not found in India before, bafflement of archaeologists, at the same time helping create the western narrative things being introduced to India from foreign lands. One of them is the antenna sword. The Sinauli site by yielding antenna sword with their hilts intact. Another important discovery was the presence of shields. Never before India had ever witnessed any shield.

THEME (Secrets of Sinauli) :

The archaeological survey of India (ASI) excavated the Sinauli site and it was discovered by people in 2005 while they were equalising agricultural land. Surprisingly, they found human skeletons and ancient stuff. The Sinauli site is around 4000 years old. People can stream this documentary on Discoveryplus.

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Here’s the Trailer (In case You haven’t watched it yet)

Worth Watching or Not??

The documentary (Secrets of Sinauli) is a must watch, as it presents every little detail of the excavation work and the artifacts. It is essential and high time too that we Indians take a relook at our ancient history, and move away from the western hegemonic distortions.

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