‘Sir Walkover Dedijiye’ – Watch Boman Irani and Abish Mathews hilarious reaction to Anubhav Singh Bassi’s Court Moment!

Sir Walkover Dedijiye' - Watch Boman Irani and Abish Mathews hilaourious reaction to Anubhav Bassi's Court moment

Anubhav Singh Bassi and Boman Irani featured together for Abish Mathew’s YouTube video on the famous channel Son of Abish, where the stand-up comedian unleashed his hilarious court moments when he was practicing law and he also tells Abish and Boman, how he ended up becoming a stand-up comic after a varity of different professions.

Bassi has never failed to entertain his audience with the best of his hilarious jokes and quirky moments. He is one of the best hilarious stand-up comedian, and made his audience LOL with his stand-up comedy like Roommate, which was released 2 months back, and has crossed 2.6 crore views already.

Bassi led everyone split their sides when he told Abish Mathew and Boman Irani about his quirky court moments. He revealed that he has many embarrassing moments in the court itself which is one of the reasons of him not going for any professional course.

Anubhav Singh Bassi crazy court moment

In conversation with Boman Irani and Abish Mathew, Anubhav Singh Bassi unleashed his embarrassing court moment when he asked the judge to give him the ‘walkover‘, when he needed to ask him for the ‘passover‘.

He said, “Vaise bhi 1-2 Baar bahut bezzati ho gayi hai court mai, jese ki ek baar… court mein na ek ‘Passover‘ naam ki cheez hoti hai. Toh Bahutt simple hai judge ke saamne bolna ki ‘Sir Passover dedijiye‘, mene waha jaake bodiya ki ‘Sir walkover dedijiye‘”

Translation: I’ve been dishonoured 1-2 times in the court, like one time.. there’s a term called ‘Passover’ in court. It’s very simple to ask for the passover from the judge . I walked into him and asked for ‘walkover’ instead of saying ‘passover’.

The incident told by Bassi made Abish and Boman Irani LOL. Check out the video here:

“There’s no one like Bassi”. Fans and other viewers dropped hilarious comments under the video shared by Abish on his YouTube channel.

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