SM Entertainment’s new Girl Group AESPA To Release A Ballad Track “FOREVER”

SM Entertainment's new Girl Group AESPA To Release A Ballad Track "FOREVER"

SM Entertainment’s newly debuted Rookie girl group AESPA will be releasing a ballad track called “Forever” which is going to get Kpop fans all warm and cozy. The new song, a ballad from the quartet, will be out on Feb. 5, its record label SM Entertainment said Friday.

Aespa is SM’s first new group after NCT( Neo Culture Technology) debuted in 2016 and the girl group debuted with the track “Black Mamba” which got over 100 millions views in less than two months. The group has four members- Karina, Giselle, Winter and NingNing. All members have their own virtual “avatars,” through which they can experience “new worlds.”

Watch Aespa’s “Black Mamba” MV

The song “Forever” is a remake of the song voiced by SM’s producer Yoo Young-jin in 2000, the original piece was part of the “Winter Vacation in SMTOWN.com” album that featured songs by different SM stars.  The lyrics are about a promise of eternal love.

The group gained a lot of popularity because of their stunning visuals, perfect vocals and amazing dancing skills. The leader and face of the group is Karina. She is also the main dancer. Giselle is the main rapper and a sub vocalist, Winter- the lead vocalist and visual whereas NingNing is the Main vocalist and Maknae (the Youngest).

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