‘SOLAR POWER’ LEAKED: Lorde’s Upcoming Single LEAKED 10 Days Prior To It’s Release

Lorde, Solar Power

Lorde’s much awaited single, titled ‘Solar Power’, which was scheduled to be released on 21st June, was accidentally leaked 10 days before it’s official release on Apple Music. The song remained on Apple Music for about five minutes before it was taken down, but of course, by then it was too late, as many fans had already downloaded it.

‘Solar Power’ Leaked

After four years of not having released any music, and staying away from the public eye, Lorde was all set to make her comeback with a bang. Fans have been waiting for years for her to release new content, after her last album, Melodrama was a super-hit.

Finally after much wait, two songs were confirmed by the singer’s agency, titled ‘Solar Power’ and ‘Moon Ring’. On June 8, the promo picture of ‘Solar Power’ was released, and it was confirmed that the song will come out on 21st June. However, things didn’t go exactly as planned.

There has been no explanation as to how her song got leaked on Apple Music, but of course fans are disappointed. They had been waiting for a long time to listen to her music, and wanted to do it in the right way. They have been asking others to not stream the song until it’s official release on the 21st.

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Fan Reactions

Fans took to twitter to trend ‘Lorde’, and to talk about her new song. Many of then unintentionally heard the song, and talked about how much they loved it. Many of then made memes, on how Lorde must be reacting to the news of her leaked song.

Since fans are going to wait till the official release date to listen to the song, we can all just stream her previous hits!

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