Sonu Sood Tax Evasion (RS 20 Crore) Latest Update: “A lot of it is my remuneration”, said the actor upon being investigated for evasion of taxes.

Sonu Sood Tax Evasion Latest Update: "A lot of it is my remuneration", said the actor upon being investigated for evasion of taxes.

Sonu Sood, who has been helping and serving the needy people amidst the pandemic, has recently been investigated and claimed of evading taxes for more than Rs 20 crore, according to the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CDBT).

However, in a recent interview, the Bollywood actor opened up about the allegations that were imposed upon him and his charitable works and said, “You are bound to face difficulties when you try to do something ‘different‘”. The actor also said the a lot of it was his remuneration, and not what someone had given to him or his foundation.

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Sonu Sood opened up about the Tax evasion allegations

In a recent interview, Bollywood actor ‘Sonu Sood‘ who has been a ‘messiah’ for some people since the start of COVID-19 pandemic, opened up and opposed the tax evasion allegations that were imposed on him lately, which also questioned the charitable works the actor has been doing.

The actor was raided by Income Tax Department Officials on September 18 and the officials are reportedly looking into a land deal between Sonu Sood’s firm and a real estate company in Lucknow.

The actor said, “I always believe that when you try to do something which is different, you are bound to face difficulties. In fact, many percentages of my endorsements’ fees, I ask them to donate to my foundation so it can be stronger. The total is not what someone has given to us, a lot of it is my remuneration“.

The actor also shared a post on his social media where he opened up about the alleged allegations of tax evasion and said that ‘Time Will’ give the answers to every allegations. The actor shared a post with a caption that read, “सख्त राहों में भी आसान सफर लगता है,
हर हिंदुस्तानी की दुआओं का असर लगता है” 💕Time Will

Read the full caption of Sonu Sood’s post here:

Fans believes that allegations are false

Fans and admirers of the generous actor continue to support the actor for the false allegations of tax evasion, said they have full faith in the actor and his work and that they will never stop loving him.

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