#SoojinBackToGidle trends on Twitter as some “Fans” try to boycott GIdle and Cube for kicking Soojin out of the group

Soojin Gidle

#SoojinBAckToGidle dominates Twitter Trends as fans are trying to boycott Cube Entertainment for kicking Soojin out of the group after her bullying controversy and a long hiatus. Some fans are trying to neglect the rest of the GIdle members to hurt cube entertainment. Read on to know more.

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After her bullying controversy and a long hiatus, Soojin was made to leave GIdle by Cube Entertainment. Gidle will now be promoted as a 5 member group with the rest of the members being – Miyeon, Minnie, Yuqi, Shuhua and Soyeon. Soojin was accused of school violence and bullying back in February and has been in trouble ever since. Her management company Cube Entertainment announced that Soojin will be halting her activities with the group and GIdle will be moving forward as a five-member group for the time being.

But last month Cube announced Soojin’s permanent departure from the group and the company and fans have been furious ever since. Some people came forward and started boycotting ot5 but some fans are trying to explain and make others realise that neglecting ot5 will only disrespect the hard the girls put into their group.

#SoojinBackToGIdle: What happened to Soojin?

Allegations of harassment by Soojin surfaced in February when someone made online claims about the artist who confiscated money and valuables while he was in middle school. The singer denied the allegations and Cube accused the accused and others of leaving behind hate speech. She had suspended all activities with the group since March when the incident took place.

The singer has been criticized since February this year when several netizens accused her of harassing her high school classmates physically and verbally. Soojin initially denied the allegations but when a number of suspects appeared, including actor Seo Shin-ae who attended the same school as the singer, Soojin suspended all his activities and has been dignified since March.

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