“South Korea is the country where I began my singing career”: GOT7’s Jackson Wang Shares Excitement For Upcoming Solo Activities

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GOT7’s Jackson is on the cover of men’s fashion magazine L’Officiel Hommes!

On March 20, the magazine revealed shots from Jackson’s photo shoot, where he displays a masculine yet soft vibe while sporting various classy and romantic looks.

In the accompanying interview, Jackson spoke about his activities as a solo artist. “I’m really looking forward to having a fresh start with my solo activities,” he said. “South Korea is the country where I began my singing career. My gratefulness for my Korean fans is especially strong.”

GOT7’s Jackson Wang Shares Excitement For Upcoming Solo Activities

He continued, “I will be releasing a single this spring. As I’m standing at a new start line, I worked really hard. I hope the fans will enjoy listening to it.”

Jackson also commented on the effort he puts into his music videos, saying, “I always write the script and direct the music videos for my solo albums. It’s a challenge every time, but it’s really fun.”

Indonesian singer-songwriter Afgan and Jackson Wang of GOT7 fame have released a new collaborative single, ‘M.I.A’. The duo, who met in 2019, completed the slinky track about a year ago, Afgan revealed on Instagram. Due to the pandemic, they decided to hold off from releasing it.

“My producer, The Aristocrats, were showing me a selection of beats, and the intro of “M.I.A.” came across and it instantly felt like my sound. It’s a feel-good song and I think at this time in the world, we need more songs like this,” Afgan said in a press statement.

ENCORE Single Is Defying K-Pop Industry Odds

Prior to this, Got7 launched their own youtube channel and surprised fans with a new single “Encore”. This is their first group song since leaving JYP Entertainment.

“We’re Back!” Just a simple tweet from BamBam was enough to send fans in a frenzy. Exactly a month, since their departure from their former agency, JYP Entertainment; GOT7 members took to Instagram to post the English alphabets of the word Encore, building fans’ curiosity. Jackson added green hearts to his Instagram story, fueling the possibility of an OT7 comeback. However, Ahgases were taken by surprise, when GOT7 dropped not one but two surprises. The MV is so breathtakingly amazing, it brings tears to your eyes. Showcasing the moments of the seven members in a monochrome setting, they looked the happiest with each other.

GOT7’s rapper from Hong Kong, Jackson Wang made an appearance in the 34th episode of DIVE Studios’ podcast Get Real. While talking about his hometown life and his journey to where he is today, he generously spilled quite a few sweet spoilers about upcoming projects.  Jackson Wang revealed that he was not allowed to promote his solo material in South Korea while he was under his former agency JYP Entertainment. He shared that he would be introducing more than 40 songs this year. We have been asked to expect two albums in Chinese and English that would be released globally, including South Korea, sometime around August.

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