MTV Splitsvilla 13 (X3): Gary admits that he does not like Avantika and insults her in the latest task, Read here to know more


Splitsvilla X3: Splitsvilla season 13, The show hosted by the powerful duo, Ranvijay Singha and Sunny is gaining much love and appreciation from the audience all around. They have been liking the concept of different villas with a stint of new exciting twists so far. In the latest episode (episode 16), A fun yet crisp task was performed by all the contestants, the title of the task was “Hum app ke hain kaun“, Gary Lu lashed out at Avantika Sharma for being clingy to him during the task and told her that he does not like her. Keep reading to know about Gary and Avantika in Splitsvilla X3.

Splitsvilla X3: “Hum App Ke Hain Kaun” Task

This was an intriguing task performed by both girls and boys. There was a huge cell phone behind every girl and a few posters which played the role of an app. The posters highlighted tags such as Fake book, Meantra, Dumb, Stupid, Undeserving queen, Chudail and much more. The girls had to give each other these tags by putting them as an app on their cell phones. The role of the boys was to verify the apps given by the girls to each other.

Avantika got tags such as Dumb, Stupid, Bhedchaal, etc. Various contestants think that Avantika does not take stand for herself and keeps following her friends.

“I don’t like you and I don’t want to be with you”, says Gary to Avantika

During the task, Gary’s name came in between and he lashed out at Avantika and admitted that he does not like her and is not interested to perform with her. He also asked her to stop following him and find someone else. Gary insulted Avantika in front of everyone and disrespected her.

Check out how Gary reacted below:

Earlier, Gary and Avantika shared a bond and were playing together but eventually, Gary did not bond with her, misunderstandings happened between the two and he decided to switch his connection. Gary started developing a bond with Jaanvi Sikaria but unfortunately, she was dumped and Gary finds Avantika the reason for Jaanvi’s eviction. After Jaanvi went back home, Avantika again tried to bond with Gary but the two just don’t fit right because Gary does not like Avantika anymore.

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