Splitsvilla X3 Review: Sunny Leone and Rannvijay kick off the season, battle between the contestants, Episode 2 release date

Splitsvilla X3

Splitsvilla X3 episode 2 will air soon. The show is being once again hosted by Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singh and it first episode aired on March 6, 2021.

Splitsvilla season 13 has finally premiered. The reality show on MTV premiered with a brand-new concept and contestants. While some changes are being made to the show’s format, Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singh have returned as hosts.

The show starts with a sizzling performance of the gorgeous Sunny Leone on the song ‘Jiya Jale’, followed by the rocking entry of Ranvijay Singha. The red-hot playsuit of Sunny Leone raised the bar of hotness with her entry in the show. They were accompanied by 12 ravishing girls from all over the country. They were asked about what they want from Splitsvilla and the answers were interesting. Some wanted love, some husband and there was also one who wanted a cook. 

So, when is Splitsvilla S13 Episode 2 release date? At what time will the show air? Find out below.

Splitsvilla X3 episode 2: Review

Splitsvilla X3 promo, Have a look!

Splitsvilla X3 episode 2 release date

Splitsvilla X3 episode 1 aired on Saturday, March 6, 2021 at 7 PM. Similarly, Splitsvilla X3 episode 2 will air on March 13, 2021. Once again, the timing will be 7:00 PM. But the second episode might premiere early on Voot. As mentioned earlier, Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singh have made their comeback as the reality show’s host.

Splitsvilla X3 interesting details

The Splitsvilla X3 began with a stunning entry of the show’s hosts Sunny and Rannvijay. Soon the hosts began to explain the new format of the show. Rannvijay talks about how the Greek mythology is involved in the concept of the cupid’s arrows. Singh adds since the cupid had two arrows, one silver and one gold, Splitsvilla X3 will also use the same concept.

Soon Splitsvilla X3’s 13 female contestants are introduced. These contestants include Riya Kishanchandani, Kat Kristian, Nikita Bhamidipati, Samruddhi Jadhav, Pallak Yadav, Aditi Rajput, Arushi Chib, Azma Fallah, Bhoomika Vashisht, Kristian, Shweta Nair, and Avantika Sharma. Soon Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singh began interacting with the 13 female contestants.

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About Episode 1 of Splitsvilla X3

As the interaction continued, Rannvijay gave all the female contestants three cupid arrows, one gold arrow and the remaining two were silvers. They all had to assign the arrows to the mail contestants. The golden arrows represented love while the silver once represented a casual approach. But the female contestants were assigning the arrows before the nine male contestants were officially introduced.

Rannvijay revealed at the beginning that the show will follow the Greek mythology of the cupid’s two arrows. Hence the male contestants who received a gold arrow moved into the gold villa while the contestants who received a silver arrow moved into the silver villa. The major twist of the show when Ranvijay revealed that there will be two Villas in the show, a silver villa and a golden villa.  Then the moment arrived for which the girls were waiting for, entry of the boys! 

This was not so simple entry and immediately attracted the attention of the girls. When the gates opened, the girls were faced with 9 Greek Gods figurines. The sight was drool-worthy as the boys stood as statues in black robes. Their faces were masked but their chiseled body was very well visible. Then the task began, in which girls had to read bio of the boys and plant 1 golden and two silver arrows in heart shaped props next to boys based on their bio.

It seemed a quite a difficult task as all the boys looked amazing in their robes and they had to choose only three. Two girls went at a time and put the arrows in hearts. The boys had hashtags like #dillidamunda, #punegangsta, #player, #sweettalker, #Casanova and more. The first girl to go was immediately impressed with #Dillidamunda as he wrote in bio that he was old school lover. Many of the girls impressed by the bio of #Punegansta and gave him golden arrows.

Finally, the task was completed and all the boys came one by one with the arrows they got. They revealed their faces and the girls were completely flushed seeing the boys. There were some performances also to woo the girls, like Gary Lu gave a dance performance and Dhruv Malik sang a romantic song for the girls. 

The boys with highest number of golden arrows were sent to the golden villa and rest everyone was sent to the silver villa. The top winners of the show with maximum hearts were Kevin Almasifar, Nikhil Malik and Vyomesh Koul. The segregation has created quite a buzz among the contestants, but it is yet to know about the advantage of being in the Golden villa.

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Are you also curious to know the advanatges in the Golden villa?

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