SPONSOR: Lee Ji Hoon, Han Chae Young, Koo Ja Sung, And Ji Yi Soo Spark Curiosity In New Teaser For “Sponsor”

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Lee Ji Hoon’s new drama “Sponsor” is set to air soon. Along with Lee Ji Hoon, the cast also includes Han Chae Young, Koo Ja Sung, And Ji Yi Soo. The actor faced some trouble before with the production team of “Sponsor” when he brought his friend to the set and misbehaved with the staff members.

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Lee Ji Hoon boasts a perfect harmony with Lee Sun Woo, who has a deep sense of revenge with his cold eyes comparing his soft-spoken speech. He is curious about his inner side hidden under a veil with an unusual temperature difference that combines warmth and coolness. The secret story behind him arouses curiosity as to why Lee Sun Woo, who has a warm personality similar to his appearance, sharpened cruel vengeance.

“Sponsor” is a romantic drama about a dangerous relationship between two men and two women who will do nothing to get what they want — and go out looking for “sponsors” to help them achieve their goals.


The third theater starts with Hyun Seung Hoon (Koo Ja Sung) in a modeling competition, competing for the grand prize of $ 100 million (approximately $ 83,900). Han Chae Rin (Han Chae Young), one of the judges of the competition, asks, “Do you not realize that your dreams will come true or that they will continue to be mere dreams?”

At that moment, Lee Sun Woo (Lee Ji Hoon) stared at Chairman Park (Park Geun Hyung) coldly as he said, “So you blame me. At that time, it was the best thing that ever happened to anyone who was involved in your father’s downfall. ”

With a determined Hyung Seung Hoon appearing on the screen, someone exclaims, “Everyone here has a sponsor.” Later, Lee Sun Woo gloats at David Park (Kim Jung Tae) when he says, “What you give, you always get a reward. That day will come.”


After Lee Ji Hoon was accused of bringing a misbehaving friend on the set of his new drama “Sponsor”, he was targeted by netizens for his irresponsible actions. He then issued an apology that was addressed to the production team of the drama but did not speak about it publicly. Now the actor has posted a long message on his Instagram account apologizing for the same incident.

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