Spotify Launch in Korea : Streams and Followers of KPOP Increase Drastically

Spotify Launch in Korea : Streams and Followers of KPOP Increase Drastically

Spotify is launching in the sixth-largest music market in the world: South Korea. In just a day, streams and followers have drastically increased as dedicated Korean fans get excited about finally being able to listen to their fave artists on Spotify.

The global audio streaming giant said South Korea was a “critical next step” in its global expansion as the sixth-largest music market in the world, and the home of global phenomena K-Pop.

Spotify debuted its first K-Pop playlist in 2014. The genre has been streamed more than 180 billion minutes and listeners have added K-Pop tracks to over 120 million playlists on Spotify, the company said. The amount of K-Pop played in the service has increased by 2,000% in the past six years, it added.

BTS is the top K-Pop artist on Spotify in 2020, and it’s also the most-streamed group globally. BTS amassed over 5 billion streams on Spotify in 2020. BTS is also the only international act to feature in the top 5 artists in India. BTS took the number one spot in other categories as well. Its first English single Dynamite is the most streamed K-Pop song this year, and Map of the Soul: 7 is the most streamed K-Pop album on Spotify. Dynamite even set a new Spotify record of reaching 12.6 million streams in the first 24 hours.

Blackpink became the second most-streamed K-Pop artist of the year with over 300 million streams. Blackpink also took the second spot for the most streamed song with How You Like That. Following Blackpink is Twice, Stray Kids, Red Velvet, and EXO in the top streamed K-Pop artists globally.

At launch, local consumers will have access to 60 million tracks, along with a wide range of Korean music, including K-pop, Hip Hop, and Indie, and 4 billion playlists, the company said. Listeners can also enjoy personalized music recommendations and discover new music. Music lovers in Korea can stream Spotify’s broad music catalog, spanning everything from the country’s own K-Pop to Latin American reggaeton, European electronic, and beyond

South Korean consumers will be offered two price plans — one costing 10,900 won per month ($9.80) for one subscriber and another costing 16,350 won ($16.70) that can be used by two people. Users can try the service for free for 7 days without credit card information and for 3 months with credit card information if they subscribe before the end of June.

“We wanted to be super thoughtful in how we approach coming into a market like this as we didn’t want to just take a global service and launch it into South Korea,” Alex Norstrom, Chief Freemium Business Officer of Spotify, told Reuters. The audio streaming giant will compete with local music streaming services such as Melon and Genie Music, which are run by Kakao and KT, respectively, for market share in South Korea.

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