SPY x Family: Episode 7 review “Problem Child”

spy x family

Spy x Family: The spring anime season has arrived, bringing with it a new wave of shows. It’s also fortunate because we won’t be getting any new Demon Slayer or Attack on Titan episodes for at least another year. The humor is the most compelling reason to read and watch Spy x Family. You will chuckle out loud when reading this shonen manga series. Read on to get a quick recap of Episode six and a review of Episode 7.

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What is Spy x Family about?

Twilight is a successful government spy whose most recent mission involves infiltrating a prominent institution. To succeed, he needs a child and a wife because “both parents must be present at all costs.” Twilight adopts an orphan named Anya as Loid Forger. Anya, on the other hand, demonstrates the ability to read people’s minds. As a result, she is fully aware of the situation, but she persists because she enjoys spying.

Loid then convinces an apparently ordinary person, office worker Yor, to agree to a phony marriage for his daughter. Yor, on the other hand, has her own dark secret: she is the Thorn Princess, a professional assassin.

SPY X FAMILY episode 6 recap

The Forgers prepare for Anya’s first day at Eden Academy in the sixth episode of ‘Spy x Family,’ titled ‘The Friendship Scheme.’ Loid holds a secret meeting with one of his colleagues to plan the second stage of Operation Strix. If their primary strategy to get closer to Donovan Desmond fails, the secret spy devises a backup plan.

SPY X FAMILY episode 7 review

The most recent episode was a perfect showcase for every positive aspect of the show that I mentioned earlier. Anya’s fear of confronting what she did in the previous episode made a lot of sense for her character and was a fun plot point. Loid’s apparent struggle to be a proper father to Anya was also beautifully described in some well-written dialogue here, and you believe every word he says when he talks about how becoming Anya’s parent has been just as difficult for a super-spy as it would be for a normal person.

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