SPY X FAMILY: What happened in Episode 11 of Spy x Family

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Spy x Family: The spring anime season has arrived, bringing with it a new wave of shows. It’s also fortunate because we won’t be getting any new Demon Slayer or Attack on Titan episodes for at least another year. The humor is the most compelling reason to read and watch Spy x Family. You will chuckle out loud when reading this shonen manga series. Read on to get a quick recap of Episode 10 and a review of episode 11.

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Spy x Family, often known as ‘SpyxFamily’, is an action and comedy anime based on Tatsuya Endou’s manga, which was serialized in Shounen Jump+. The manga swiftly became one of the most popular continuing properties in the magazine, necessitating an anime adaptation. Studios Wit and CloverWorks are working on the anime adaptation. The anime garnered so much popularity with just a few episodes aired, Anya Forger stole hearts with her “Waku Waku” while her parents made anime lovers drool.


We’re joined by a lonesome-looking Damian after witnessing a montage of Housemaster Henderson getting ready for his exquisite day. Damian looks at the Eden College family photo and notices that he’s the only one without his parents. The lads gush about all the Stellas Damian’s older brother received over the academic year, making Damian feel even worse.

Thankfully, they encourage Damian by informing him that he, too, can become an Imperial Scholar and that the first place he must succeed in order to acquire a Stella is in the forthcoming dodgeball tournament.

Unfortunately, Anya totally misses the shot, and her team loses the game. The other squad is overjoyed that Bill will be receiving a Stella. Headmaster Henderson, on the other hand, quickly informs them that there is no such incentive. In the end, it’s revealed that everyone’s efforts were futile, but Henderson can see that Anya is striving hard to improve. Despite this, she still has a long way to go.


It’s a fresh day at the Forger home, and Loid Forger nicknamed Twilight is going through his daughter Anya’s test results while she watches her favorite anime. Her grades are terrible, and Loid recognizes that she needs to modify Anya’s study habits in order for him to advance on his goal, which requires her to achieve higher grades and at least eight points.

Loid begins by having Anya study using traditional ways, but she quickly realises that this isn’t helping her remember the material. He then understands that in order to assist Anya to learn things better, he has to construct a study approach that she enjoys.

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