SQUID GAME: Jung Ho Yeon becomes most followed Korean actress, the Kdrama continues to gain insane popularity worldwide

squid game takes over jimmy fallon show

Netflix’s latest Korean Drama “Squid Game” is gaining immense popularity with every passing moment. The show’s lead actress Jung Ho Yeon is now the most followed South Korean actress taking over Song Hye Kyo. Read on to know more about the new show.

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Excluding the actresses who are primarily Kpop singers, Squid Game’s Jung Ho Yeon gained a sudden and immense wave of popularity ever since the show started airing. Jung Ho Yeon had around 400,000 followers on Instagram before Squid Game and now she stands tall at 13 million followers beating Song Hye Kyo from The Descendants of the Sun. She gained millions of followers in just two weeks with her impressive performance in Squid Game.

Jung Ho Yeon has now passed Song Hye Kyo, who currently has just over 12 million fans, becoming the second most popular Korean actor on Instagram. She also surpasses Lee Sung Kyung, who held the previous title of Korea’s most-followed female actor with over 12.9 million followers. Now the actress has 13 million followers which is a big achievement.

“Squid Game” Actor Park Hae Soo Talks About The Drama’s Popularity

“Squid Game” is a Netflix series about a mysterious survival game with a reward of 45.6 billion won (about $ 40 million) online. 456 money-hungry participants eventually joined the game – only to find out that there is more to risk than just prize money. Park Hae Soo plays the role of Jo Sang Woo, head of an investment team wanted by the police for stealing money from his clients.

Following its worldwide release in September, “Squid Game” became the first Korean series to rank Netflix TV’s domestic and international game, as well as Korea’s first No. 1 rating in today’s top 10 Netflix’s the United States. In addition, the series holds the top 3 spots in 83 countries worldwide.

Park Hae Soo responded with excitement to the series, saying, “Due to the popularity of the game, I have received congratulatory messages from around the world on the birth of my baby.”

Park Hae Soo mentioned that he was expecting, to some extent, the worldwide popularity of the “Squid Game.” He said, “Although it is a Korean sport, there are many things people need to understand. I realised that people would think a lot about these things while watching the game. I also thought it would do well because it focused on the type of extreme game. However, I didn’t think it was going to be that big. I’m starting to see the magnitude of its popularity after receiving so many messages from people living overseas. ”

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