Still thinking of doing THE SILHOUETTE CHALLENGE? Read this first

Still thinking of doing THE SILHOUETTE CHALLENGE? Read this first
The Silhouette Challenge is a viral trend on TikTok that we’re sure you must’ve seen at least once. The Silhouette Challenge was originally started with the idea of promoting body positivity, but then it took a dark turn.
Still thinking of doing THE SILHOUETTE CHALLENGE? Read this first
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SILHOUETTE CHALLENGE: This trend involves the participants, first film themselves in a doorway fully clothed to a remix of Paul Anka’s classic song “Put Your Head on My Shoulder.”, and later when the beat drops, the song changes to a remix version of Doja Cat’s song “Streets”, where the video cuts to the participant’s silhouette dancing in a red filter. Participants generally dance in various states of undress, since they believe that the red filter protects their privacy.

However, some people have figured out that it is possible for some creeps of “the internet” to be able to remove the red filter, using software and editing techniques, and get an unprotected view of the participant.

Various tutorials on YouTube and other sites began to be posted on how to remove the red filter from the silhouette challenge video and those tutorials were being viewed by thousands.

“TikTok videos that contain nudity can not be re-uploaded to YouTube, as they violate our adult content policies,” a Google spokesperson said. “Additionally, we will remove content uploaded to YouTube that has been altered to reveal participant’s bodies in a way that was not intended by the original uploader.”

A similar community on Reddit was made where unfiltered edits of the challenge were being posted. However, that community has been banned by Reddit as it violated its ‘involuntary pornography rules’. At least two accounts on Twitter as well were taking in requests to edit the red filter out in this challenge, and they both have been suspended.

Disgusting creeps managed to turn a harmless challenge that was meant for body positivity into something like this. If you ever want to participate in this challenge, or perhaps a challenge of a similar kind, be careful and make sure you take all the precautions, keeping it in mind that on the internet, our privacy isn’t as protected as we think it is.

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