Stray Kids Sets Personal Record With Over 830,000 Stock Pre-Orders For “NO EASY”: The Group is Making a Comeback With Hyunjin Back From Hiatus

stray kids breaks personal record with no easy

Stray Kids have set a new record with their upcoming album “NO EASY”! The number of pre-stock orders is the amount of album stock produced prior to the album release. This figure is an average requirement calculated using a variety of factors, including how many pre-ordered albums fans have paid for. Read on to know more.

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Stray Kids Personal Record With “No Easy”

As reported on August 17, Stray Kids’ upcoming full-length album “NO EASY” has collected over 830,000 pre-stock orders already. This is approximately 530,000 more than 300,000 stock orders acquired by the band with their previous album “IN 生” (“IN LIFE”) in September 2020. With six days to go until the release of the new Stray Kids album, anticipation is high for the long-awaited band’s return.

The band’s second full-length studio album “NO EASY” is expected to be released on August 23 at 6 pm KST along with a music video for their track track “Thunderous.” The eight-member Kpop boy band will be releasing their new album ‘NOEASY’ soon and bringing it with some amazing content that is shared every day. On August 17 at midnight KST, group teaser photos and unit photos were unveiled on the official Stray Kids social media account. Stunning and stylish, the boys look ready to go down into some critical business.

The first photo of the boys shows them dressed in black and white chic as they all met. Wearing leather trousers, the Stray Kids hit the post in front of what looked like a traditional Korean building. The fog below the image will only add to the mysterious feeling of the upcoming album. No Easy will come out on August 23 6 PM KST (2:30 PM IST).

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