Javed Jaffrey’s tweet on Takeshi’s Castle makes 90s kids nostalgic and we are here for it. Checkout fans reaction

Takeshi's Castle

Takeshi’s Castle and Javed Jaffrey: Javed Jaffrey’s comments were indeed responsible for the popularity of ‘Takeshi Palace’. Jaaved Jaafery may have brought a dancing revolution with Boogie Woogie but with Takeshi’s Castle he brought a sense of fun and excitement.

In the days before Netflix and Instagram, entertainment generally started from good old television shows. From sitcoms to game shows, the ’90s show saw a lot of incredible material. One of the events that became a favourite among all age groups was Fort Takeshi. The contestants at the game show performed a series of actions that were almost designed to end the ridiculous situation and the funny collapse. Needless to say, the Japanese show created a laughing stock in more ways than one and now still has a loyal fan base. Back in India, dancer-actor Javed Jaffrey hosted for the dubbed Hindi version.

Takeshi’s Castle and Javed Jaffrey

Now, the host of Takeshi’s Castle, Javed Jaffrey sent the internet into a gloom when he responded to a meme about the wonderful show. Mr. Javed Jaffrey further reacted to the meme “12 people have been the moon, but only 9 of the palace Takeshi win.” Sending a meme, Mr. Jaffrey said, “I’ve seen 3 of them…and still don’t understand what they won,” showing an eccentric and funny act to a rib -tight act.

Checkout Takeshi’s Castle Fans reaction here :

The tweet left users nostalgic, with plenty of opportunity to compliment Mr Jaffrey’s fitting sense of humor as the event’s host. It came as no surprise that soon users were asking for the show to be restarted and Mr. Jaffrey’s famous commentary.

  • Fan commented, ‘Takeshi’s palace has seen a tough few years. Javed Jaffrey, your voice had a lot to do with it. Thank you.”
  • One user said, “Your running commentary was hilarious… a very entertaining show that made the audience laugh just before going to bed.”
  • Another viewer said that “Why don’t you again start this show, I have always love to hear your voice since childhood”.
  • Another user wrote, “Thanks for the memories Javed bhai.”
  • One person said that Javed Jaffrey tweeting about Takeshi’s palace has been the highlight of his day.

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What was Takeshi’s Castle all about??

This is a popular Japanese Game that started about 34 years ago. It features Japanese comedian Takeshi Kitano (also known as Beat Takeshi) as the Count who owns the castle. He manages a difficult challenge for the players (or volunteer soldiers) to approach him.

Takeshi Castle: Those were the days

The Japanese show aired from 1986 to 1990 and was able to cross international borders quickly. With each country commenting in its own local language, it became one of the community’s favorite events.

Takeshi's Castle

“Bum bara bum bum, Takeshi’s Castle mein swagatham”

Takeshi’s Castle as the perfect retreat laughter that filled a tough task, failed too, and those who are covered with mud and water. Of course, Javed Jaffrey’s comments were the highlight of the event. Recently, a Twitter storm grew gradually where the public demanded that Netflix bring Takeshi Castle and put it in a collection of OTT shows.

We have to give it to the Japs, when it comes to innovation, they are proving to have a league of their own. Just to remind you this show was made in the 80s, even though they had an incredible task so it bothered us. From reducing ghosts in the Honeycomb Maze, staying alive in the Mushroom Trap to an unrelated wig while attempting an earthquake, all tasks were insane.

Adding up to the storm, one user wrote, “I swear, they need to get Takeshi’s Castle on Netflix.”

While some people claim to supreme episode uploaded on Netflix, some users get all these events were launched on the platform. One user wrote, “I think we need all of Takeshi Castle on Netflix.” One replied, “Where can I sign a petition?”

Takeshi Castle was the most entertaining TV show of the time. It’s addictive that in general we can’t rest. It was this event that made ‘binge-watching’ a fashion for us. Say that we Indians are more obsessed with the show than Japan would not be considered a little. Fortress Takeshi originally aired on the Tokyo Broadcasting System between 1986 and 1990. Mr. Jaffrey, best known for projects like Boogie Woogie And Salaam Namaste, became an abbreviated, hindi dubbed version in 2005.

Add a comment if you are also obsessed with Takeshi Castle, all thanks to Javed Jaffrey and replay the rapchick from JJ!!

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