Taliban Soldiers ‘Enjoy’ At Amusement Park And ‘Exercise’ At Gym After Kabul Takeover In Afghanistan: Watch Here

Afghanistan takeover by Taliban

While the whole world fears for the Afgans since the Kabul takeover by Taliban, the Talibani fighters happen to be ‘enjoying’ themselves in amusement parks and working out in gyms.

Taliban Soldiers take their guns to an Amusement park

Recently, a video footage of the Talibanis was released, in which they are seen in an amusement park, riding bumper cars while holding their guns, while in another viral video, the armed men were seen riding play horses in merry-go-round.

Later, another video of them was released in which they are working out in the gym inside Kabul’s presidential palace.

The palace was relinquished to the militants after Afghan President Ashraf Ghani fled the country on Sunday in a transfer of power that stunned the international community. Images of the soldiers lounging in chairs, walking around the halls with their guns in hand and taking pictures of each other have since emerged from inside government buildings.

These photos and videos came as a sharp contrast to the general situation of Afghanistan and its people, which is full of chaos and fear.

Afghanic Taliban crisis :

The Taliban occupied the capital of Kabul in Afghanistan after a week of armed conquest. They took over the presidential palace and renamed the country as the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has fled the country in a chopper full of money, leaving his people to fend for themselves. In issuing a statement, he said that he had left the country to save it from bloodshed. The situation has remained dire since the Taliban occupation in Afghanistan. People are fleeing the country without taking any goods. The fear is clearly visible among the people at Kabul airport.

Military flights evacuating diplomats and civilians from Afghanistan resumed early on Tuesday after the runway at Kabul airport was cleared of thousands of people desperate to flee after the Taliban seized the capital. U.S. forces took charge of the airport, their only way to fly out of the country, on Sunday, as the militants were winding up a dramatic week of advances across the country with their takeover of the capital without a fight.

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