‘The Great Khali’ Funny Comments And Memes: This Trend Of Making Wild And Crazy Comments On Khali’s Instagram Posts Is Absolutely Hilarious!

The Great Khali

You ever feel sad? Just visit The Great Khali, aka Dalip Singh Rana’s Instagram page, and the comments on his posts will make your day!

The man we once used to enjoy watching on the famous show WWE, is now one of the most loved celebrities on Instagram. Despite his tough looks, Khali is not at all intimidating, and is actually sweet and quite funny. People find his Instagram posts hilarious, in which he either lip-syncs (wrongly, that too) to songs or creates other funny reels.

However, after one recent post of his in which he showed off his bulk body, people starting making hilarious comments on it, which made the whole Internet go crazy in laughs.

The Great Khali Memes

One of Khali’s macho posts triggered this trend of making exaggerated funny requests on his comment section, and we’re glad it’s still going strong. The comments on each post are now non-stop, and each of them are hysterical.

“Khali sir ka ek comment section poore rvcj media ke humour ke barabar hai”, a fan wrote.

Anything that ‘Sir’ posts, the people of the internet find a way to make silly little comments on it in way that will get you laughing till your stomach hurts.

Here are some of the most liked comments from his posts:

“Sir supermoon se football khelo.”

“Sir ki taango ka gap bhi Eiffel Tower lagta hai.”

“Sir mereko kheench ke lamba kardo”

“Sir suraj se samne khde hokr poore world mai andhera krdo/////”

“Sir meri crush ki bf ko kha jao”

“Sir, usey Ashirwad dekar Aasmaan ki uchaayion mein pahuncha do”

“Sir hoodi se tent bana do aur uss chair ko khalo”

“Sir jor se chilla kr desh mai emergency le aao”

Here are some other funny comments:

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