The Great Khali: Khali Gives Savage Response To His Instagram Comments. Watch Khali Take On His Trolls

The Great Khali

As of the past week, WWE wrestler, The Great Khali aka Dalip Singh Rana’s Instagram posts have become a place for the most hilarious comments which leave people cracking up. People make bizarre requests on the wrestler’s posts, asking him to do impossible tasks. Khali was even trending for this, and the man didn’t even do anything to trigger this trend- except for being his simple, adorable, and bulky self.

Khali posts regularly on his Instagram account, and this time he posted a video in which he is roasting the troll comments!

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The Great Khali’s Response to his wild comments

After a week of no having no reaction to his comments, Khali finally decided to address them; and his replies were even funnier.

He read aloud a comment from a user which was asking Khali to “land an airplane on his forehead”, to which he replied with a poker face, saying “tere ya mere?” (“Yours or mine?”)

Another comment asked him to separate hydrogen and oxygen from water, to which he replied, “Abey pehelwan hun mai, scientist nahi” (“I’m a wrestler, not a scientist”). Again a user asks the wrestler to jump into the water and change the orbit of the Earth, on that The Great Khali responds, “Mereko lagta hai tu pakka science me fail hai” (“I’m pretty sure you failed in your science class”)

In the video, the wrestler added why he is known as The Great Khali and says, “I am called The Great Khali because I eat extra and I do extra exercise and I do everything extra.”

The video was a paid advertisement for CashKaro, but it was still fun to see Khali respond to the comments in his own savage way.

The Great Khali Memes

One of Khali’s macho posts triggered this trend of making exaggerated funny requests on his comment section, and we’re glad it’s still going strong. The comments on each post are now non-stop, and each of them are hysterical.

“Khali sir ka ek comment section poore rvcj media ke humour ke barabar hai”, a fan wrote.

Anything that ‘Sir’ posts, the people of the internet find a way to make silly little comments on it in way that will get you laughing till your stomach hurts.

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